At the exhibition, our delegates immersed themselves in a world of cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and global trends in food processing, packaging, and marketing. Engaging with industry experts and networking with international stakeholders, our team gleaned invaluable insights into the future of food production and the latest advancements shaping the industry landscape.

In addition to their participation in the exhibition, our team had the privilege of attending a specialized marketing seminar that focused on Ethiopian cash crops in the realm of international trade. The seminar offered deep dives into strategic marketing methodologies, market analysis techniques, branding strategies, and supply chain management practices.

Armed with knowledge and best practices centered on sustainability, quality assurance, and aligning with consumer preferences, our delegates have returned with actionable strategies to elevate our tomato project initiatives.

This successful participation underscores the commitment of Arsi University’s TOMATO Project team to continuous learning, innovation, and global engagement in the dynamic field of food technology. We look forward to implementing the newfound knowledge and strategies to further advance our initiatives and contribute to the growth and sustainability of our tomato project at home.

Congratulations to the TOMATO Project team for their inspiring efforts and dedication in representing Arsi University on an international stage and bringing back invaluable insights to propel our projects to new heights!

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