Education and Behavioral Science

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Education and Behavioral Science

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Dr.Dejene Deme | College Dean|

Assistant Professor of Education Policy and Leadership
 Department of Educational Leadership and Management, Arsi University, Ethiopia
Ph.D., Education Policy and Leadership, Addis Ababa University, 2021.
M. A, Project Management, Addis Ababa University, 2020.

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Undergraduate program


Curriculum Studies and Teachers’ Professional Development
Educational Planning and Management
Adult Education and Community Development
Early Childhood Care and Education



Graduate Certificates
The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT)
Higher Diploma Program (HDP).

PhD in Educational Leadership
Master’s Degrees
Educational Leadership
School Leadership
Adult Education and Community Development
Educational Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Special Needs Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Comparative and international education
Human Resource and Organizational Development in Education

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (CEBS) is one of the colleges within Arsi University. Arsi University’s College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is a thriving institution for professional teaching that annually trains people for careers in education and other related professions. Six departments make up the college, which is governed by three significant departments. They are the Department of Educational Leadership and Management; the Department of Psychology; the Department of Curriculum and Teachers’ Professional Development Studies; the Department of Adult Education and Community Development; the Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education; and the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education. The College also oversees two non-boarding model secondary schools (Asella Non-Boarding Special Secondary School (9–12) and Negelle Non-Boarding Special Secondary School (9–12).
In 2022, a total of 777 students have been admitted into its regular, summer, and weekend programs. Thirty-seven vibrant academic and non-academic staff members have been rendering high-quality services to their respective customers. The college is staffed with 17 Ph.D. holders, 15 MA graduates, one graduate assistant, and five non-academic staff. On a positive note, of the above-mentioned faculty list, four associate professors and 19 assistant professors have been engaged in teaching, research, and community service endeavors.
The College has been undertaking teaching, research, and community service geared to the vision and mission of Arsi University. The college currently provides services at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. The information below is a list of majors and graduate programs offered through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at Arsi University.
More specifically, the mission of the college is to:
Prepare high-caliber, committed, confident, and socially responsible educators, educational policy analysts, educational planners, educational managers/leaders, human resources developers, trainers, and teachers;
Through capacity building efforts, support the implementation of university-wide reform in educational management; psychology; counseling services; adult education and community development; special needs and inclusive education; early childhood care and education; pedagogy; and curriculum.
Undertake educational research to generate new and innovative approaches; and enhance the dissemination of outputs through nationally and internationally recognized journals and related publications;
Forge and promote partnerships locally and internationally so as to enhance the development of networks in the area of education and educational research;
Establish guidance and counseling, special needs, as well as early childhood care and education (ECCE) centers.
Providing administrative and technical services for Asella Special Non-Boarding Model secondary schools that can also be used to test innovations and train would-be teachers and school leaders. Likewise, offering similar services for Negelle Borena Special Non-Boarding Secondary Schools and
We provide consultancy services for educational institutions, the public and policymakers.

Dr.Dejene Deme | College Dean|
Assistant Professor of Education Policy and Leadership
Contact information:
·         Phone: (+251) 0911 99 59 17/ 0989695000
·         Email:


1.  Majority Respect
2.  Practices Based
3.  Quality Based
4.  Team Work
5.  Internationalization
6.  Environmental security
7.  Innovation
8.  Professional ethics

Our Mission

Arsi University strives to bring sustainable development through practice-based teaching-learning process and conducting problem-solving research in collaboration with industries.

Our Visions

Becoming one of the most known and chosen Applied Science universities in East Africa by 2030


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