Major Duty and responsibility of the office:

The Office of Strategic Plan has the following major duties and responsibilities:

  1. Lead all operations in strategic planning;
  2. Set guiding rules and coordinate the various planning units of the University;
  3. Coordinate periodical performance reports, prepare and send reconciled university-wide plans to pertinent stakeholders;
  4. Direct regular monitoring and evaluation tasks and lead studies pertinent to institutional needs and priorities;
  5. Direct the smooth making and use of policies, standards and procedures for planning and reporting mechanisms throughout the university working units;
  6. Lead initiatives towards periodical review of the University’s progress;
  7. Liaise with different sections of the university and other appropriate stakeholders with the purpose to enhance  joint priority setting, planning, implementation, reviewing, evaluation and communication endeavors;
  8. Coordinate university-wide strategic and operational planning, reviewing, monitoring and evaluation;
  9. Support colleges/institutes in their efforts to plan and review their academic and administrative activities, and to monitor and evaluate performances;
  10. Initiate and lead the development of documents and their publications on new standards, reporting policies and procedures, and ensure that these documents are updated as and when appropriate;
  11. Perform any other duties as may be required by the President.

Office contact

Name of Director:Etabezahu Hailu

Phone number: office – 0223317822;   Mobile – +251-913253844;


List of Staff and contact details:

  1. Kibebew Kasa: Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader: email: 
  2. Tiruwork Mekonen  : Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Expert: email:
  3. Mihiretu Bekele:  Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert.