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Students Affairs Directorate Director |

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Gemechu Beker (Assistant Professor)

Students Affairs Associate Director
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Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities
Message from Director

As per article 148 no. 5 of Arsi University Senate legislation, Responsibilities of the Directorate are the following;
1.      Advice and assist Vice President for Administration & development on issues related to Students campus life other than academic affairs, (that is, catering, dormitory, cost sharing and health)
2.      Promote students welfare and students extra curricula activities in and outside the campus,
3.      Plan, organize and Administer  Students Cafeteria, Dormitory ,Klink and Entertainments services
4.      Provide advocacy and support for students,
5.      Administer social and cultural activities to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of students,
6.      Administer university programs to provide for the maintenance of students, including supervision of all programs relating to students dormitories, feeding, health, recreation, Internship, sanitation, guidance and counseling services,
7.      Assist students in resolution of problems,
8.      Provide information and referral about campus resources, and promote initiatives that address student’s needs and interests,
9.      support teaching, learning, research and service through facilitating student academic, personal, civic and professional growth and development; through preparing students for leadership in a global, diverse and changing society, and through cultivating a caring and supportive campus environment,
10.  Facilitate provisions of required services for students that play in major sporting activities representing the University,
11.  Have supervisory powers and authority to operate his office. No decisions with regard to these responsibilities shall be taken without the prior knowledge and consent of the Director for student’s Affairs.
12.  Ensure the preparation, distribution and regular updating of student handbooks in ink-print, and in-Braille as well as making them available on-line in a manner readily accessible to all students including students with disabilities.
13.  Develop policies for the administration of the Discipline System and procedural rules for the hearings that are consistent with the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct,
14.  Enforce the rules and regulations pertaining to the Student Code of Conduct,
15.  Chair the student discipline committee of the university,
16.  Follow-up the implementation of disciplinary sanctions and other restrictions in consultation with any concerned body of the university,
17.  Determine whether there is sufficient ground for disciplinary proceedings and implement disciplinary decisions of units of the University empowered to entertain disciplinary matters,
18.  Ensure the chartering and registration of all students’ organizations, clubs and councils in consultation with the Committee for Student Affairs and in accordance with the provisions of this Legislation and any other relevant law of the country,
19.  Administer student organizations and oversees unions, Publications, councils and clubs that operate under
20.  Manage and ensure that student services are properly managed and irregularities are rectified in time,
21.  Conduct orientation sessions every year for all students; orientations to incoming students shall aim at introducing and familiarizing such students with opportunities and facilities available at the University, their rights and obligations and ensure in particular that orientations at academic unit levels are inclusive, duly planned and delivered to newly admitted students
22.  Administer different units of the Office of the Directorate for Students’ Affairs and the employment of his staff; and
23.  Perform such other functions assigned to him by the Vice President for Administration & development, and the Senate.

University is a place where individuals from different academic and social backgrounds are gathered and establish the style of life which harmonizes all. Of course it is not as such easy to live under one big umbrella in harmony without slight uncertainties.  However, our university has developed and distributed a booklet discussing about how to live together without disturbing one another. This booklet, Arsi University Students’ Code of Conduct will hopefully inform each of students the way it is possible to live as intact family members without damaging the moral and material aspect of university community and university compound.
Our directorate is working 24 hours for satisfaction of the basic need of our students and we also feel that all basic facilities are relatively fulfilled to keep everyone feel home during their stay in our University. It is also our pleasure to have you here in central highlands of our country where you also feel healthy for conducive climatic condition. I hope your stay in our university will remain memorable after successfully completing your study and departed from our university for opening the other chapter of your life. Finally, I wish you have very successful and pleasant time in our University.