Welcome to Arsi University Registrar and Alumni Directorate!

Arsi University Registrar and Alumni Directorate office is led by a director. Each College has registrar heads recruited from academic staff. Centrally, the directorate office is composed of three basic units: Students Admission and Registration Team, Student Cost-Sharing Team, and Alumni and Credential team or Documentation Team. In collaboration, the three teams are dedicated to primarily serve academic staff and students. Arsi University Registrar and Alumni Directorate tries to principally regulate university calendar, maintain student academic records, manage the issuing, renewing and replacing of the students’ identification cards, authenticate academic credentials, plan and facilitates  graduation of students as stipulated in the calendar, issue academic transcripts and diplomas, etc.

The College Registrars that is College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, College of Business and Economics, College of   Education and Behavioral Science, College of Health Science, College of Social Science and Humanities execute the following basic activities;

  1. Admit and register students confined to their college.
  2. Keep academic records of students appropriately and systematically
  3. manipulate admission applications to the college
  4. Scrutinize and prepare list of students viable for graduation and submits to the Senate for approval.

Arsi University Registrar and Alumni Directorate

Name and Position:-Dr. Teshome Tola (Arsi University Registrar and Alumni Director)

Contact Address: teshomet@arsiun.edu.et