The Department of purchase & property administration directorate Procurement responsible for the procurement and all contractual agreements of goods, services and construction for the University 


Procurement & property administration is committed to facilitating the purchase of high quality goods and services at competitive prices in support of the University’s mission.


To be recognized as a best-in-class procurement services organization serving the best interest of the university and the community.


Customer Service: We strive to be a trusted source of procurement resources, education, and information for our university customers and to create relationships where Procurement Services is valued as a partner by campus departments in reaching their purchasing goals.

Diversity: Actively participate in and initiate outreach initiatives to engage and build a diversified vendor base.

Financial Stewardship: Commitment to excellent financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility – for the University, Commonwealth, and taxpayers – with the funds entrusted to us for expenditure.

Innovation: We create an environment of collaboration that values diverse opinions, continuous process improvement and innovative thinking.

Integrity: Personal and professional integrity and high ethical standards are guiding principles consistently demonstrated in our work and performance, with fairness, transparency and legal compliance evident in our business practices.

Professional Development:  Commitment to providing resources and training opportunities to enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities for professional growth and enrichment of our staff.

Strategic Sourcing: The consistent use of strategic sourcing applications (cost analysis, commodity and vendor research, marketplace evaluation, vendor negotiation) are seen as essential to our providing superior goods and services at the best value to the University.

  • Plan, organize, direct, lead, manage and control the procurement and property activities of the University
  • Prepare annual procurement and other property administration plans;
  • Oversee the proper implementation of the procurement and  property administration policies throughout the University;
  • Coordinate procurement and property administration tasks across colleges/schools/institutes
  • Develop procurement and property related strategies and operational plan;
  • Supervise and ensure the proper functioning of property management and disposal activities;
  • Maintain equitable distribution of properties;
  • Distribute received goods and services to units according to their request and at the right time.

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