Master of Business Administration

The MBA degree becomes one of the most popular masters’ degrees offered in the world!


  • All 21st Century Business is knowledge based
  • Ethiopia’s Vision to become middle income country within 20-30 years. 
  • Need for advanced and diversified knowledge and creation of additional opportunity for education
  • Demand from MOE and Capacity building
  • Upgrading qualification and competence of educators in HEIs
  • Filling the Gap in the labor market demand and supply
  • To supply Ethiopia’s industries with appropriate and competent professionals
  • The curriculum is developed in recognition of a rapidly changing economy and the opportunities and challenges presented the country.
  • Unlike others, the program attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines

 Objective of the Program

The program is designed with the following goals in mind.

  1. Educating students with fundamental concepts and practices in business, management, finance, and marketing and investment.
  2. Promote and upgrade the knowledge and managerial skills of educators in Ethiopian higher education Institutions
  3. Produce Competent, Knowledgeable professionals who would contribute to the development and transformation of the business sector of the country in line with the nations Millennium development agenda
  4. Supply the labor market with graduates of high caliber who would be able to fuel the expansion and development of the industrial sector
  5. Produce future consultants, policy makers, analysts, leaders and notable individuals who will be able to manage multinational business firms
  6. Equip graduates with skills to understand and respond to the fast changing business environment and to foster competent, flexible, adaptive, and visionary business leaders 

Graduate Profile

Upon successful completion of MBA program, graduates will have the all or part of the following profiles.

  • Researchers of Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and other related business courses at Universities and other higher learning institutions;
  • Business and Industry leaders and managers at national and multi-national scope
  • Consultants, coaches and business advisors
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners 
  • Policy makers, analysts, negotiators, and change agents 

Admission Requirements

  • The minimum admission requirement for the Master’s degree program is a bachelor’s degree. The MBA program is normally designed for those who have followed relevant and appropriate undergraduate studies at recognized Ethiopian Universities or equivalent institutions. It is emphasized that a strong quantitative background is essential for success in the MBA program. To obtain admission to the MBA program, applicants should fulfill the admission requirements of the department, as will be specified in Senate Legislation of the University. Female applicants are encouraged.  In addition the following may apply;
  • A successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in business studies, Social sciences, technology, etc.
  • A successful completion of a Master’s Degree in any field of study is also allowed to apply for admission into the program;
  • Applicant’s CGPA must be as per the University’s established criteria for graduate program
  • Minimum required score / to be determined by SPG/ in GMAT examination offered by the University
  • Applicants from public universities for capacity building purposes can be accepted without entrance examination except for intake capacity reason. 
  • Additional requirements that may be set by the School of Graduate Studies

Degree Nomenclature

The Nomenclature for the degree to be awarded for successful completion of the program is:

  • Master of Business Administration / English/ማስተር ኦፍ ቢዝነስ አድሚንስትሬሽን/Amharic/

Duration of the program

  • Minimum of Two Years for regular program
  • Minimum of Three years for Extension program