Director’s Message

Arsi University Library is an academic library which was established to provide updated information and resources to support the teaching-learning, research and community services in our university. As one of the functional components of the university it is responsible to deliver quality library services to fulfill the university mission and vision. We understand that information is input for utilizing today’s resource and planning the future. As concept and services of library is dramatically changed with the skills necessary for manipulating information our users can access library from   there is Internet connection. Our main objective is satisfying user’s information needs with quality library services for we made the library resources can be accessed easily.

As the functional unit of the university, we continuously strive to work with full effort for supporting teaching-learning and research activities as well as the realization of the vision and mission of Arsi University.

 Nugussu Feyissa

Arsi University Library  Director


 Tell: +251 91911346650/+251 91930509095

Historical Background

Arsi University Libraries were   established in 2007 to promote the instruction, research and public service goals of our university through provision and organizing of information resources in different formats.  The  resources and information services required for supporting learning, teaching and research activities of the university is enhanced through managing the resources effectively and economically; establishing an environment conducive to study which used  for multiple learning styles Liaising with users and establishing their needs in cooperation with other university services; carrying out smooth and attractive work conditions in the library systems and information professionalism with the objective of improving library’s uses and services; maintaining effective links with all other public and  private universities and colleges` staff to exchange and share experiences, resources and assist each other; as well as to respond to changes in education, approaches and policy of academic library systems as being member of the library consortium in general.

Library Services

There are many services four 24 hours in our library that would enhance the teaching, learning, research and community services. Some of these facilities include:

  • Reference services
  • Circulation services
  • Stack services
  • Loan Services
  • Photocopy services
  • Binding services
  • Documentation  Services

Planned near future services will be

  • Digital Library Services
  • Institutional Repository Services
  • Library Automation Services
  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Services
  • Electronic resources management (Journals-articles) Services


  • Develop need-based collection development and managing libraries resources efficiently and effectively  
  • Identifying and providing learning resources to teachers, researchers, and students
  • Establishing a conducive environment to study  for multiple learning styles 
  • Working with users to meet their needs and cooperate with others university libraries services
  • giving orientations for users and staffs to develop their information exploitation skills for effective utilization of information resources  
  • Carrying out appropriate developmental work in libraries  and information professionalism with the aim of improving library’s multiple purpose services. 
  • Maintaining effective links with other systems at domestic as well as international levels .

College Libraries

1. Main Library

2. Agriculture and Environmental science Library

3. Social Science and Humanities college Library

4. Health Library main

5. School of Law library graduate libraries for health college