Laparoscopic surgery training which was being given for one week in Arsi University Asella Hospital completed today and to be continued after few months.

I would like to express my heaetfelt thanks to:
Dr. Esmael Tura (Internist & Intensivist) for his extraordinary commitment for coordinating and leading USA surgical and internal medicine team. Besides this, we thanks him also for bringing Crucial laparoscopic and ICU medical equipments. We appreciate your examplary commitment.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Arun (Oncologic Surgeon and Laparoscopic Surgeon), Lisa (Nurse practitioner) for your commitment to transfer unreserved Laparoscopic surgical skill for our staffs.Thank you for giving us your precious time and Skill. I appreciate your patience, insight and listening ears.You did great for Us. We look forward to work with you to advance our Surgical Skill.

Arsi university appreciate and recognise efforts done by Dr. Abashamo, Dr. Esmael and Dr. Melik for their concern and commitment to advance our institution. Arsi University remember you for ever for what you did and doing for the university and your community.

We also appreciate Dr. Milkeso Foge (Internist) for his commitment, Experience Sharing and to continue collaboration in the future.

Above all I express my great gratitude and thanks for the grassroot and driver of this event, Our Lovely, visionary President, Dr. Dhuguma Adugna who is not health professional but who is concerned and supports health services more than health professional. This event is not successful without your support.

My college is highly committed and motivated to keep and excel such international collaboration to advance our health services and contribute our role for the community and Country as a whole.

Like our Athelets, excelling professionals.

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