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Friday, 13 May 2022 21:13


Good luck to our brave young lawyers!!!
The CSRC, in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Flight and Migration Competence Center (FES-FMCC), is hosting the ongoing 2022 National Refugee Law Moot Court Competition. After the quarter-final competition, the winning teams have made it through to the semi-final by an aggregate score.
From Left to Right
1. Ebisa Jenbere
2. Bontu Mulugeta
3. Ashenafi Simegn
Arsi University, Law School Team
Like our star Athletes ,excelling Profesionals !!!

Today Presentation was given by guests from University of Weihenstephan and Triesdorf to Arsi University college of Agriculture higher officials and staff in the presence of the Dr.Adem Kedir (Arsi university Vise president of Research and community services ) in the afternoon at University Senate Hall.

The Presentation was opened by Dr.Befikadu (Arsi University, College of Agriculture Dean) addressing on wide area collaboration and development made recently with our partner.
The main area of their presentation was on introducing new project opportunities on Technology Transfer Pact ( TAP) and supporting e- learning environment for our university.
After having extensive discussions with presenting partners, today's session was closed by Dr.Adem ,with special Arsi Cultural gift to our guests from our college of agriculture.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!!!
Friday, 13 May 2022 21:04

Training kicks off!

Today, Arsi university college of health science started offering a training on Systematic Review and Meta Analysis for most senior staff in the college.
It was hoped to add a significant inputs to promote staffs, solve community problems and to increase institutional visiblity for our multi area demands.
The training was opened in the presence of Arsi University Vise president of Research and community services (Dr.Adem Kedir) and Dr.Didha Batu(college Dean) and is expected to cover the coming four days!
This Training will have three phases and this week training will be of its first part!
The organizing committee and Arsi University office Vise presidents of Research and community services will call up all the responsible staff to use this opportunity for both self and institutional developments in academy and Research areas!
Like our star Athletes ,excelling Profesionals !!!
Friday, 13 May 2022 20:53

Few success stories!!!

Arsi University was the only public university awarded by Oromiya Education Bureau for contribution in building Mana Baruumsa Bu'uura Boruu for local community !
Apart from building the Schools ,Arsi university has also helped many more schools in Arsi zone ,Support local community services(Health facilities, Security services, Local Social support associations (nonprofit) in many diverse areas of their demand.
Our collaboration with Munessa Alumni Association is part of our dream to join all the selfless support programs for our people.
Our dream as an institution in support local community is beyond all these and together with all the stakeholders we are sure to make that.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!!!

Sunday, 08 May 2022 20:34

The power of collaboration

We promise to collaborate and it will be our journey to make the best of our institution!

Arsi University will learn from those who make their journey possible and continue collaborating by using the most potential Social capital we had at hand.

Our University president has been making all possible collaboration across many prestigious universities in USA!


Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!


Wednesday, 27 April 2022 19:01

April 27/2022

Arsi University signed MoU with Amaranths Eco Lodge Company at Arsi University Senate Hall today in afternoon!

MoU was signed for identifying different varieties of indigenous Amaranths with desirable agronomic traits and introduce improved varieties with best practice from elsewhere and to promote production and utilization of this indigenous products as an alternatives source of food for small farm holders in Arsi Zone.

Dr.Adem Kedir has signed the agreement on the side of Arsi university and Mrs Mulunesh on the side of Amaranths Eco lodge company.

On the MoU signing ceremony Dr. Adem Kedir ,Research and community services Vice-president, briefs about Arsi university's major achievements regarding teaching_ learning and research _community developments since its establishment.

This is another mile stone in our Research and community services programs ,partly in promoting indigenous agricultural products as part of the routine food sources and enables economically favorable products with small and feasible farm lands on the other hand.

Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!

Sunday, 24 April 2022 23:59

Our new milestone!

Our new milestone!

Arsi University is one of the moving young University striving to shine out in the three pillars of University mission (Teaching, Research and Community services) to which collaboration with international and National institutions are fundamental.

Having institutions alone will not work if the leaders fail to commit working on priorities and issues essentially should given space.

Today ,our university president has joined two giant sub specialists(Dr.Melik and Dr.Esmael),our most respected, hard working team in USA and agreed for working together majorly on community services in their home land. Our collaboration with our giants speaks our engagement both with IOHPA and their respective institutions.

Addressing wide area of collaboration, they agreed on capacity building, training our staff , students support programs and alleviating the burden of eosophagial Cancer and associated risks (being the major unaddressed problem and for its wide distribution specially in Arsi and the surrounding areas).

Our University president send his appreciation on their firm stand and kind heart to give back to their community after promising to give attention and show readiness to give full support in starting the issue of Eosophagial problems both in researching and community education , allow our Health College team and other stakeholders do maximally immediately after back to his university.

We feel happier to see our esteemed seniors be back to their home institutions and will promise to give our full support on the area of collaboration and for more community support programs at large regional and country wide.

It is also more blessing that our beloved president is planning to address collaboration works on Health and agriculture in the coming few days in different universities abroad at USA.

The collaboration is expected to cover university of Cornell and university of California on Agricultural areas on one hand and University of Iwa and University of Kentucky on health coverages.

We are looking to see more work that will accommodate our large demands in capacity building ,Researching and projects on these blessed invitation from international institutions.

It will give us more courage and hope hearing that all the costs and accommodations are covered for the president during the stay with all the institutions.

Having thess degrees of social capital and good heart to give back will send us how our tomorrow's will be a time of hope and bright. Long walk Mr.President!

Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals.

Sunday, 24 April 2022 07:26

What a great Experience!

"Great discussion on managing diversity beween Dr Freeman President UMBC, USA and Dr Duguma A , President Arsi University , Ethiopia"
The above mentioned Man ,UMBC University president, is among the most popular person known with his extraordinary leadership talent and a man with heart touching motivational speech at different stages and Publci celebrities like graduation!
We hope this president to attend our graduation ceremony which ever way possible and there is a clue for that to happen.
Arsi University with our moving leadership will surely keep walking every possible ladder up to stage itself to other University who has lived for so long.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!
My fellow academic and admin staff and my dearest students of Arsi University, let me take this opportunity to convey my Happy Easter message to you and all your loved ones from the great state of Maryland, USA. May Easter bring you hope, faith, love, joy, and peace!
I had a very productive meeting at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), which is one of the few Research-1 (R-1) universities in the USA. I met with my friend President Freeman Hrabowski III and the department chair of the Math and Statistics, Dr. Animikh Biswas. I am very much delighted and honored to meet and discuss in detail with my colleague Professor Bimal Sinha, who founded UMBC’s statistics department in 1985, is a beloved and decorated faculty member who has helped transform UMBC into a national leader in statistics education.
I had also the privilege to visit our own academic staff (Mr. Dejene Adugna Chala) who joined UMBC as a PhD student this year as part of the ongoing collaborations between AU and UMBC. Once again officials at UMBC have affirmed me their commitment to help my university in the area of capacity building. They are very much ready to accept very competent and capable Ph.D. students from AU, like Dejene
Thank you Dejene for your excellent commitment and exemplary role of promoting your home
Dr.Dhuguma Adugna (Arsi University president).
Like our star Athletes ,excelling Profesionals!!!
Sunday, 24 April 2022 07:01

April 22/2022

The below pictures are our academic staff who are pursuing their MSc since 2021 in HS Weintephen Triesdorf unversity in Germany.
Our graduates are doing and shining again in the post graduate studies abroad.
Arsi University proudly appreciate their hard work and will pass our sincere congratulations for model work.
Our partnership and collaboration will be stronger and believe to have more staff pursuing their will be Degrees and researching in different areas with our partner University.
Arsi University will send our appreciation to our partner and promises to collaborate in more areas of projects and academic development programs.
Like our star Athletes, excelling Profesionals!

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