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Aims and Scope

AJSI publishes original research in all areas of the science and technology. We believe that ifyour research is scientifically valid and technically sounds significant, then it deserves to bepublished and made accessible to the word research community.

The AJSI is the official open access journal of the Arsi University with the aim of publishing original contributions relevant to all sciences and technology. The scope of the journal is broad, covering all fields of the studies. The AJSI publishes but not limited to original articles, review articles, brief reports, short review, short communication, case studies, field studies, opinions or recommendations, and letters to the editor.

Original/Research Article

Articles that is with new findings and original research results, research methodologies, research materials and interpretations of the authors’ own or of other research results and articles of a similar nature.

Review Article

Review articles should be balanced with the objective analyses of the current research topics with descriptions of relevant scientific literature and discussions that are easy to grasp for the audience of any discipline. Review articles should provide the authors' insight into future directions and their opinion of the major challenges faced by researchers in the field.

Short Review

AJSI publishes short review or mini-review for researchers who wish to summarize a field of scientific research and share this work as widely as possible. Short Review papers provide an overview of the main developments on a particular topic, with an emphasis on recent developments, and sketch an outlook on future developments.

Brief Report

Articles that is limited but original data and having the same format as Original Article.

Short Communication

Short communications are the one that should present new important findings in a brief form.