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Community Service and University Industry Linkage Directorate

 Message from the Directorate:

Directorate of Community Service and University Industry Linkage values all the efforts done by the Colleges Deans, Department heads and the academic staffs to engage in the community Service from the establishment of the University. The interest of the academic staffs to participate in the community engagement is dynamically increasing from year to year.

The impacts that we make in our participation to solve societal problems shall be assessed and evaluated. The more we make the participation demand driven of the society the more we satisfy them.

We have to focus to address the poor and hence to accomplish the mission and vision of Arsi University.

I greatly hope that our shared efforts we bring change at the grass roots. Let’s us join together to bring synergy and great results.


Community Service and University Industry Linkage Directorate is one of the three pillars of the university’s structure. With the mobilization of the university’s academic staffs and students, the directorate has been executing various community service projects. The directorate also has made linkages with various industries to facilitate different collaborative works.

                                                                                           Responsibility of the directorate

The Community Service and University Industry Linkage Directorate has the following Responsibilities:

v  Coordinate, facilitate and guide Community and consultancy services to be provided by academic staff of various academic units of the University;

v  Deliver community and consultancy services to various stakeholders in the areas of their needs and requests;

v  Proactively promote community and consultancy services on various professional and technical areas, and provide the services competitively with best quality;

v  Facilitate that the participating departments/schools/centers, colleges and involved external partners benefit from financial rewards, recognition, experience sharing and feedback and lessons;

v  Ensures that the University benefit financially from the consultancy services provided to various organizations and communities;

v  Guide and support department community services and development committees in their efforts to facilitate the solicitation and delivery of community and consultancy services in the areas of excellence of the department;

v  Keep record of community and consultancy services rendered; and

v  Make regular follow-up and monitoring of community and consultancy activities and cause academic units submit annual report to it.

v  Create linkages between the university and external agencies, Industries and harmonizing the integration of mutual operations & benefits of the parties.

v  Link the industries to Arsi University aiming to contract paid cooperation projects executed within Arsi University by its staff and with student contributions wherever possible.

v  Promotes and develops university-industry exchange programs and support the students’ internship program and Instructors’ externship program;

v  Identify the problems of the Industry, enterprises, and other groups of community for possible research undertakings by the relevant units of the university

v  Initiate a collaborative research projects between the Industry and the University.

v  Develop short, medium, and long term plan for university consultancy and community service.

v  Identify markets for consultancy services in collaboration with relevant units of the University.

v  Prepare contract formats and ensure their implementation in consultancy services rendered by units of the University.

v  Develop and, when approved, by the Senate, communicate university consultancy and community service policy; and Receive complaints and take the necessary measures, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.

                                                                                           Structure of the Directorate

The directorate is subjected to subject to Research and Community Service Vice president. The directorate has two coordinators viz. Community service coordinator and, Consultancy Service & University-Industry Linkage Coordinator.                                                                                              Activity performed by the Directorate

Since the establishment of the university, the directorate has carried out the following activities:

v  Established the community service and Consultancy Service guidelines,

v  Facilitated Memorandum of Understanding between the University and different organizations,

v  Created linkages with various industries to facilitate collaborative works,

v  Initiated the university’s colleges to prepare different community service project works and executed various community service works in health, agriculture, environment, education, socio-economic and legal service areas.


  • Took leading role of Ziway Lake watershed management activities and have been carried assessment studies.
  • Called community service projects proposal to the colleges in the last three years,
  • Followed up the implementation of the projects in the field
  • Render the Lake Ziway watershed management activities, study survey in the field by forming committee of expertise to produce guiding document to make the lake safe from pollution, increase the water level and to make good environment for the fish population in the lake,
  • University - Industry linkage is formed between 40 industries collaboration with Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute, prepared two forums in Asella town on which different stakeholders and Industries participated.
  • Made linkage with the Institute of Meat and Dairy Development and participate in forum and elected as chair of the committee; in which in the future is planned to interfere in the activity,
  • Facilitate different Memorandum of Understandings between our university and different organizations such as Rivft Valley Lakes Basin authority, Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, and other non-governmental and governmental organizations;
  • Support and follow up the implementations of Free legal Services,
  • Support and follow up in the creation of two high Schools to be Model High Schools in Asella town,
  • Supporting the Prison Administration to improve the lives of the poor prisoners per se,
  • Assisting with budget the University HIV-AIDS Directorate to carry out the dynamics of HIV-AIDS in our zone for the last ten years in order to intervene with Community Service works.

                                                             Objectives of the Directorate are:

  • To mobilize available resources for community engagement services to be undertaken through strong linkage and partnership.
  • To disseminate the principle and output of community engagement which enable stakeholders to take part and make sound options for the community.
  • To encourage internal, national and international collaboration and foster community engagement service and capacitate it.
  • To make community engagement service programs transparent, effective and responsive to societal needs and to serve and utilize the community as learning environment
  • To create conducive environment for the expansion and implementation of community engagement service projects based on the objective factors of the region in different disciplines
  • To prioritize community service thematic agendas based on the societal problems and their nature.
  • To generate and transfer of information, knowledge, technology and services to community and stakeholder.

                                                             Community Service projects have been carried out up-to-date:

Immediately after the establishment of Arsi University, in the academic year of 2014/15, there were 11 community service projects approved and most of them has been completed and very few are ongoing. In the academic year or 2015/16 there were 16 communities service projects approve and some are completed and still few are ongoing. In the academic year of 2016/17 about 22 community service projects are approved and ready to be provided to the society.

                               Project Implemented in 2014/2015 (2007 E.C.)

No Title of the projects Initiators College Remark
1 Establishing solid waste collection and disposal area at Arsi University

Dr. Abebe Mekuria(PI)

2.Mr Gebi Hussen

3.Dr. Ketema Tafess

4.Mr Debela Tolesa

6.Dereje Getachew

Health Sciences  
2 Provision of Community Based Post Natal Care Services in Selected Kebeles of Tiyo Woreda, Arsi Zone,Oromia

 s/r Meseret Tsige(PI)

Mr. Hussen Namo

Health Sciences  
3. Health Extension Workers, community Leaders, Health Sector Workers Representative Training to intensify Tuberculosis Case Detection in Three Selected districts of Aris Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

 Mr Shimelis Mekete(PI)

Dr.Legesse Tadesse

Dr. Abebe Mekuria

Mr Million Getachew

Dr.Ketema Tafess

Health Sciences  
4 Training on Classroom English and Active Learing for High School Teachers in Bekoji Town and its Vicinity

1. Dr. Yeshitila H/Mariam(PI)

2. Mr. Taye Geresu

Humanities & Law together  
5 Preparation of compost from water Hycinith (Ecochhrnia Crassipes) to control its encroachment in Bora Woreda , East shoa Zone Oromia Ethiopia

 Mr. Kefyalew Emiru(PI)

Mr. Getachew Alemu

Mr. Mebtu

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
6 Promotion and Demonstration of sexed semen technologies for heifer production in university dairy farm and producers in Tiyo District of Zone for improvement of dairy genetic resource

 Mr. Dereje Tsegaye(PI)

Dr.Abiot Dedefo

Mr.Endashew T.

Mr Eyayu A.

Miss. Aselefech A.

Agriculture & Environmental Science

7 Capacitating farmers knowledge through training on pest management in high land crops

 Mr Lamessa Gemeda(PI)

Mr. Shiferaw Deneke

Agriculture & Environmental Science  

Integrated solid waste

Collection, segregation and urban greening, the case of Assela town

 Mr. Misbahu Aman(PI)

Mr. Yusuf Jundi

Mr.Dinkisa Beche

Mr Shambel Abebe

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
9 Basics of procurement and material management training for micro and small enterprises in Asella town

 Mr. Efrem Negash

Mr Daniel Atanfu

Mr. Belay Lemesa

Mr. Nafyad Tola

Business Economics  
10 Improving public service performance through training on customer handling for public Service providers

 Mr.Nigatu Benti(PI)

Mr Tekalign Wordefa

Mss Betelihem Melese

Business Economics  
11 Chilalo Mountain and Asella Eco-Tourisim Development   training

 Mr.Werkinesh Aseffa

Mr. G/her G/Tsedik

Business Economics  


                             Project Implemented in 2015/2016 (2008 E.C.)

No Title of the projects Initiators College Remark  
1 Project proposal to develop a better change of community practices on sanitation and hygiene behavior in Bokoji town

1.Amde Eshete (PI)

2 .Solomon Tejine

3.Hailu Fikadu



2. Community based Health and nutrition intervention to improve women health in Ziway Dugda woreda

 Abebe Ferede(PI)

  Mesfin Tafa



3 Training on barbers on prevention of Biological hazards associated with their profession in Asella town , Arsi Zone

1.Teresa Kisi (Pi)

2.Selamawit Hirpa



4 Deworming intestinal parasites infection, managing minor skin infection for Schoolchildren in Arsi rural areas where pipe water is not accessible.

 Teshome Gebisa(PI)

Dr Belda Hirpo

Dr.Oliyad Edae



5 Training of life skills for female students of High school and preparatory schools at Bokoji(100 +100)

1. Bisirat Tekle (PI)

2.Hailu Legese

3.Mennon Abate

4.Mesafint Adal

5.Solomon Tefera

Social Science Humanities & Law together    
6 Improving the academic achievement and motivation of lower academic achiever of Aleltu Sagure primary school

1 Dereje Adefris (PI)

2 Dr. Birhanu Moges

Social Science Humanities & Law together    
7 Building the capacity of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) located at Bokoji town through need based training

1 Kassu Zeleke(PI).

2 Gediyon Kifle (Dr.)

Social Science Humanities & Law together    
8 Introducing Solar cooker production, implementation and Marketing in Three rural of Dodota Wereda

1 Dida Jilo(PI)          

2 Tagese Gichamo,      

3Mekonen G/Hawariat 4Kasahun Tesfaye

Agriculture and Environmental Science    
9 Poverty reduction through training and technology promotion and provision in Ziway Dugda woreda(94 Kebeles)

1 Dr. Adem Kedir(PI)

2 Mohamed Kasim     

4KalilHaji,                                 5 Dr. Abiot Dedefo,            

6 Mesele kumilachew

Agriculture and Environmental Science    


Participatory Chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae Sard) Management of Faba Bean Through Host Resistance, Intercropping and Fungicide Applications in the Arsi Highlands of Ethiopia

1 Shiferaw Deneke (PI

2 Yewbnesh Wondimu

Agriculture and Environmental Science  
11 Improving bookkeeping and financial management of medium and small scale enterprises in Arsi zone

1 Tadele Habtamu (PI)

2 Tsegaye Araya

Business and Economics  
12 Training on value chain development for dairy cooperative in Tiyo woreda and Asella town

1 Tesema Teshome (PI)

2 Nafyad tolla Birhanu

3 Mamo (Agri.)

Business and Economics  
13 Organizational capacity building geared towards effective service delivery system :Arsi University in focus

 Edo Rago(PI)

Nabiyu Samuel

Business and Economics  

                                        Projects approved for 2016/2017 (2009 E.C.)

No Title of the projects Initiators College Remark
1 Incubating Social Entrepreneurship: Resource Mobilization and Investment for the benefit of society in the case of Eders in Asella town

1 Mr.TekalignWerdofa(PI)

2 Mr. Nabiyu Samuel

Business &


2. Comprehensive Training on Accounting System, Marketing and Leadership for Micro   and Small Enterprises in selected towns of Arsi zone

1 Mr.Teshome Debeso

2 Mr.Daniel Sunamo

Business &


3. Entrepreneurship: (Urban and Rural Entrepreneurship in focus) for Munessa preparatory grade 12th students

1 Mr.NafyadTola (PI)

2 Mss. Adanech Mengistu

3 Mr.Weyinishet Tefera

4 Mr.Fayisa   Merti

Business & Economics  
4 Community home-based intervention and prevention of iron deficiency Anemia in age range of 6-24 months at Doddota Woreda Arsi Zone

1.Dr.Abebe Sorsa(PI)

2.Dr.Lencho Gebi

3.Mr.Asheafi Habtamu

4.Mr.Negeri Debale

Health Sciences  
5 Improving Awareness and providing cervical Cancer Screening Service for women of vulnerable age groups (21-65 years) at seleceted towns of Hetosa Woreda in Arsi Zone

1.Mr. YirgaWondu (PI)

2.Mss. Rahel Nega

3.Mr. Merga Bayou

4.Mr.Bekele Dibaba

5.Mr. Aliyi Kediro

6.Mr. Abenet Menene

7.Mss. Roza A/Michael

Health      Sciences  
6 Improving knowledge, Attitude and practice on procurement and Proper utilization of Iodized salt at household level in selected woredas of Arsi zone

1.Mr. HailuFekadu (PI)

2.Mr. Solomon Tejineh

Health Sciences  
7 Strengthening the Awareness and adherence of persons living with HIV/AIDS on Antiretroviral therapy through peer counsellors   in Arsi zone

1.Mr. Mohammed Hussein (PI)

2.Mr. Ahmed Abbas

Health Sciences  
8 Training of Trainers(TOT) of Life Skill and peace education for Arsi Zone high schools in Arsi Zone

1.Mr Sime Yehuwalashet (PI)


3.Dr.Joseph Anthony

4.Mr. Mesafint Adal

5.Mr. Husien Seid

6.Mr. Uthman Hassen

7.Mr. Gosa Setu

8.Mr.Gosa Setu

9 .Mr.Shimelis Keno

Social Science & Humanities  
9 Training of Correct Afan Oromo Lexis writing for Teachers Employing the language as a medium of Instruction: 11 schools clustered resource centers in focus at   Lemmuu & Bilbilo woreda

1.Mr. DejeneGeleta (PI)

2.Dr. Sileshi Berhanu

3.Mr. Abdulkadir Aman

4.Mr. Taye Tsegaye

Social Science & Humanities  
10 Establishment of Vermi-Compost farm & Training     farmers on farm compost Technology in Arsi UrsiU

1 Mr. Tadesse Kebede(PI)

2 Mr. Kedir Abate

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
11 Community based Participatory watershed Management of Hate-Deya sub watershed Hetosa district,Arsi zone

1 Mr.Abebe Terefe (PI)

2 Dr.Damtew Fufa

3 Mr. Sisay Kebede

4 Mr.Behailu Shankute

5 Mrs. Aster Galan

6 Mrs.Meseret Alemu

7 Mr. Aman Nego

8 Mr.Dejene Woldsenbet

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
12 Entrepreneurial and Bookkeeping skill Development Training for the members of Micro & small Enterprises engaged in urban agriculture in Asella Town.

1 Mr. Meselle Kumilachew(PI)

2 Dr. Shimelis Regassa

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
13 Poverty Reduction through Training & Technology Promotion and provision in Arsi Zone

1 Dr.Adem Kedir(PI)

2 Mohammed Kasim

3 Mr. Kelil Haji

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
14 Scaling up of best beekeeping practices in selected districts of Arsi Zone

1 Dr.Abiot Deddefo(PI)

2 Mr. Kasim   Roba

3 Mr. Gemechise Legesse

4 Mr. Abaynesh   Jarso

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
15 Integrated watershed Management of upper Ashebeka sub watershed to minimize sediment Depositions in Asella Drinking water Reservoir in Degalu Tijo District in Arsi   zone

1 Mr. Kasim Dedefo (PI)

2 Mr. Mustefa Sultan

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
16 Training of Selected communities in selected districts of Arsi zone on production Methods of Mushroom (pleurotus ostreatus) to run small business by producing mushroom

1 Mr. Demisie Ejigu(PI)

2 Mr. Teshome Bekele

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
17 Production and multiplication of improved forage   production In Arsi University : In the centre of Agricultural Research And Community Service Area

1 Mr. Oli Wakeyo (PI)

2Mr. Birhanu Mamo

3 Mr. Yunus Abdu

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
18 Realizing innovative postharvest technologies to reduce loss and extending the shelf life of horticultural crops at lode Hetosa and Zeway Dugda woreda

1 Mr. Jemal Mohammed(PI)

2 Mr. Dekeba Moges

3 Mr. Michael Asrat

Agriculture & Environmental Science  
19 Migration Awareness and Mentoring Project (MAMP) for potential out –Migrant Youth in Jaju, Shirka and Robe Dida’a districts ofArsi zone

1Mr. AbduljebarAbdalhi(PI)

2 Mr. Awel Ahmed

3 Mr. DerejeBekele

4 Mr. MamoMangesha

School of


20 Psychology and Economic Support of Returnee Female Migrates from Middle East countries, Asella town and its vicinity woreads in focus

1 Dr. KassimKimo(PI)

2 Mr. BisratTekle

3 Mr. Nuru Mohammed

4 Mr.AbayBursie

4 Dr. GezahegnGurmu

Education and Behavioural Sciences  
21 Capacity Building of school principals, Adult education Facilitators, PSTA committee members, and supervisors in Arsi zone

1 Dr.TemesgenAbiyo(PI)

2 Dr. ToleraNegassa

3 Dr. FekaduCherinet

4 Dr. Robsan Margo

Education and Behavioural Sciences  
22 Special and Inclusive Education classroom Strategies among primary Schools implication of education for all

1 Dr.Habtamu Mekonin(PI)

2 Dr. AssayeLegesse

Education and Behavioural Sciences  


  • Name - Shimelis Regassa (PhD) Directorate Director
  • Phone -Fixed 022-238-02-30
  • Mobile- 0911-94-04-72
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.