About Gender Directorate:-

Future Plan

  • We will work to establish a shopping house, Copy house and Pool house at the University Main Campus to generate income that can be used to support special needs students,
  • We will work to establish a nursery or Daycare for children from 1-4 years old so that female employees who are mothers can effectively serve the University. 
  • We will work on the provision of basic Computer application and Internet Use Skill for employees who are in need.
  • We will conduct a survey study on the determinants and extent of GBV at Arsi University

We also work on the provision of short-term training on the following topic:

  • Leaders and leadership,
  • Peer pressure Handling,
  • Problem-solving and decision-making &
  • Becoming a good mentor.


The main objectives of the directorate are

  • To work on activities that enhance the competitiveness of female students and improve their enrolment and graduation rates at Arsi University,
  • To work on how to make students confident and interact properly with others, increase Students’ ability to cope with stress,
  • To work on mechanisms that eliminate gender-based violence (GBV) in Arsi University,
  • To support special needy students (boys and girls) interims of providing different input for their study,
  • To create awareness of the importance of women’s education,
  • To motivate female lecturers to be a leader and in the management position in the University&
  • To come up with the possible and practically applicable methods contributing to the reduced attrition rate in the University.


Ensure equitable access to quality learning for girls and boys as well as promote equal participation of men and women in any activities in the University.


To ensure gender equality in Arsi University by 2022.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • A Gender office directly accountable to the office of the President is hereby established with the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Identify challenges faced by female students and staff of the University and provide/Suggest solutions,
  • Mainstream gender in the teaching-learning process training and research activities of the University,
  • Raise the awareness of students and  other members of the University about existing gender issues within the University in collaboration with other relevant bodies,
  • Follow up and coordinate support provided to female students by the University and other stakeholders,
  • Work on different gender-related issues raised by students and staff and report to relevant offices, take appropriate actions and follow up on progress,
  • Motivate female students by providing awards to outstanding female students,
  • Provide counseling services to female students,
  • Facilitate activities planned to support female & including male  students such as tutorials, training on life skills, job hunting training etc.,
  • Encourage and assist initiatives for female empowerment in academics, and administration,
  • Create networking with other similar offices in higher education institutes,
  • Promote and implement gender policies and guidelines,
  • Develops University-wide policies and guidelines,
  • Creates and develops linkages between the Gender offices of all Colleges, School and Institutes, the female student union and the support staff female representatives,
  • Establishes sustainable infrastructure to support female staff and female students to reach a quota of 50% on each level of the University,
  • Representing the University in matters relating to women and participating in meetings and training,
  • The preparation of action plans and budget required for the office,
  • The preparation of periodic reports and evaluations on the activities of the office,
  • Perform any other related tasks assigned by the president.


Tsige Haile                      Gender Directorate Director, Email tsigenard@gmail.com 0911700433

Mekdes Seyom                            Women and Youth Affairs Expert III  0913207346

Shukrian Aman                           Women Affairs Expert IV 0931422255

Demu Mamati                                Higher Youth Affairs Expert IV 0910323271

Tsehay Tiku                                     Women & Youth Affairs Expert IV 0922649081

Firiement Tadele                            Youth Affairs Expert II 0919222470

Atsade Goshu                                 Secretary 0910213110