Today in the EPHI the EDCTP funded EpiGen Ethiopia project was launched. The EpiGen project’s multi-disciplinary consortium is drawn from several institutions(that includes Arsi university and 11 others) from Ethiopia engaged in National Public Health Programs, and EU partners. Overall, the model approach proposed by EpiGen will enhance Ethiopia’s national effort in mitigating the threat of infectious diseases. The implementation of a national genomic-informed surveillance for infectious diseases will play a significant public health role in contributing to disease prevention and control programs in Ethiopia and beyond.

The aim of the EpiGen project is to build capacity for an integrated pathogen genomic surveillance system that can then inform public health decisions.

The specific overarching objectives include strengthening the collection and analysis of clinical and epidemiological data, enhancing the capacity and capability for pathogen genomic sequencing, including strengthening the laboratory infrastructure, human workforce, pathogen genomic data analysis, and the integration of metadata with genomic data, developing and implementing innovative digital diagnostic platforms, creating mobile phone applications which update in semi-real time for policy decisions, and promoting communities of practice and knowledge exchange through fostering African collaboration and networking in the domain of pathogen genomic surveillance for infectious diseases.

Great appreciation for the project leaders ( Dr Dawit Wolday and Prof. Tobias Rinke de Wit) for the conceptualization of the the project and impressive collaboration.

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