Dr.Bonso Bude

(MD,SENIOR LECTURER):- Director of Internationalization and Public Affairs Directorate
Office phone number:
Mobile number:+251912290617

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Duties and Responsibilities
Message of Director

The Directorate of Internationalization and Public affairs seeks to achieve the following objectives:
Keeping updates of the Arsi University’s progress and development in all areas.
Follow up on all media to ensure that all news and publications about the Arsi University to the public is true and sound.
Participation in programs and activities that create a good atmosphere between the university administration, the people dealing with it, and its employees

The Directorate of internationalization and Public affairs is the heart of any institution, as it is the link between the University, its faculties, its administrative departments, and external parties. It evaluates the public’s trends, links the University’s policies with the public interest, and implements programs that gain the public’s trust and support, all within the framework of an action plan that provides priorities and mechanisms to advance the University’s progress.

We all at Internationalization and Public Affairs Directorate team exert all possible effort to show the positive image of the university. This will undoubtedly improve tremendously the relationship with the local community, diagnose its needs, and promote the university activities and achievements in the media. We also seek to be in regular contact with all the local and international media. The directorate has also the task of organizing celebrations and the official events of the university and to communicate effectively with the educational institutions, local and foreign universities. The Directorate is considered as a liaison between the university, all the Medias and local press in order to promote the academic programs and activities of the university. In addition, the Directorate prepares all the intended academic and nonacademic publications when that is the timely demand of our institution (Arsi University).
In the Directorate of internationalization and Public Affairs and its strategic plan, we hope will reflect our vision through a wide range of creative means of communication. It targets a large number of the public based on three main points: the connection with the environment, the Nationals and international partnership, and the investment in students in terms of developing their skills and creativity.

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