The primary focus of Social science being to help citizens understand how to interact with the social and physical world and that of humanities being to help  citizens understand others through their languages, history, and cultures, and also to encourage them to think creatively by making informed decisions, the college has been attempting to meet its mission.

In order for it to meet this mission it formed six departments: Afan Oromo and Literature, English Language and Literature, History, Sociology and Social Work, Geography and Environmental Studies, and Civic and ethical Education departments, and has been running various programs in both undergraduates and postgraduates in regular, summer and weekend programs. Each department has graduated significant numbers of trainees in various programs and also has large amount of trainees in the pipeline.

Dean of CoSSH, Wako Geda Obse (Ph.D),


 Phone number +251911505232/+251911853810

Work experience 16 Years


 BA- in Language, LLB- in Law, MA- in English ,MBA- in Business Administration,LLM-in Law and Development, Ph.D.-in Human Resource Management