Darwin Azaga Hasana
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Name Darwin Azaga Hasana

Acadamic Rank Lecturer

Continuing and Distance Education Institute in Arsi University, refers to all programs
provided outside the regular full-time day program. Instruction in Continuing Education
includes provision in Evening, Week-end, and summer and winter in-service, Distance and through electrical means of learning. Seminars and workshops which are provided to working adults and to those who, for various reasons are unable to be enrolled in regular programs, are forms of Continuing and Distance Education program.

Functions of CDEI

The main aim of CDEI is to increase access to education & reach out the public at large
through self-financing

ICDE shall place excellence in the pursuit of the University’s three-pronged mission:
education, research, and community services. It shall make use of credit and non-credit. Courses or alternative methods of knowledge transfer to enable students to become more competitive in employment and personal enrichment through the use of innovative technology and quality customer service.

It is the function of Continuing and Distance Education Institute to identify the educational needs of the population and to make provisions to meet these needs by proposing, in consultation and full cooperation with the appropriate College, programs leading to University degrees and diplomas and organizing certificate programs, lectures, and related activities through the use of appropriate media.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Continuing and Distance Education Institute Director is responsible for:

  • Prepare a strategic plan for continuing and distance education of the university by
    identifying the educational needs of the public and the private sector
  • The programming of short term & midterm planning and monitoring of these plans
    compliance of all regulations regarding Continuing and Distance Education
  • Establishing and operating plans which allow continuing and distance education to be
    self-supporting and assuring the quality of Continuing and Distance Education Institute
  • The planning, submission and execution of budgets and human resources for the
    continuing and distance education division.
  • Coordinating the University distance and continuing education in collaboration with the
    College coordinators.
  • Processing and effecting payments as per the request of College and the financial laws.
  • Expand services and promote innovative approaches to reach traditionally under-served
    populations, including adult learners;
  • Develop collaborative programs with the business community, industry, government
    agencies, and non-profit corporations to enhance socio-economic development and the
    quality of life;
  • Design specialized programs of studies specifically tailored to the needs of stakeholders
    of Continuing and Distance Education;
  •  Design policy for recruitment of academic, research, and support staff for Continuing and Distance Education;
  • Work on admission policy, internal and external transfer from/to continuing, and distance
    education credit, non-credit and short term training programs;
  • Facilitate the launching of graduate programs of study within the Continuing and
    Distance Education Program in collaboration with the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Revise and update from time to time the rate of tuition fee to provide quality service at
    affordable fees and means of revenue generation for the university;
  • Develop partnerships both within the University and beyond to discharge its duties and