College of Business and Economics of Arsi University, has officially inaugurated its pilot project entitled “Setting-up Agricultural Market Information System (A-MIS)” which has been under execution for the last six months (May, 2022 – October, 2022).

The project was under implementation in collaboration with the following stakeholders and partners:

  • College of Business and Economics, Arsi University
  • Lay Volunteer International Association (LVIA)
  • Arsi Zone Trade Office
  • Arsi Zone Agriculture Office; and
  • Arsi Zone Cooperative Promotion Agency.

The project was inaugurated in the presence of Vice Presidents (Dr. Adem Kedir and Dr. Meron Regu), College Deans, Directorates, Staff from various colleges and other stakeholders.

The A-MIS pilot project has an emphasis to disseminate market price information on twelve agricultural products over eight destiny markets.

The participants have appreciated the college and the team of experts for the successful implementation of the project, stressing the importance of expanding the project so that more products and zones/woredas are addressed.

The information is being disseminated using a free call toll 9524 through automated SMS and voice calls. Additionally, the a web link is also the other means to access the market information.

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