Objective of MA  program

  • To produce Afaan Oromoo Teachers  for university, colleges, preparatory school and high schools
  • To train  Linguistics who solve problems related to  standardization, planning and structure  Of Afaan Oromoo
  • To produce personnel who carry out research in the methodological and pedagogical

             Graduate profile

  • Language experts how to use language in their  respective  field of specialization
  • Teach train Afaan Oromoo Teachers and language experts  to teach Afan Oromo in university, colleges  preparatory and high school
  • Train  Afaan Oromo as a second language where there are  other tribes whose Afan Oromo is not  the language of mother tongue
  • Prepare  teaching  materials and text book for elementary, preparatory  and colleges
  • Design  syllabus for different  levels
  • .Give consultancy services to legal,  health and educational institutions in regard  with the some language related problems

       Program duration

  • A total of 33  credit points

To be completed  typically  with in two  years of full time  study including research or the part time equivalent; and  three years for weekend  and four years for summers in service program

  • Only be extended through the recommendations and approval of the department graduate  committee 

Graduation requirement

  • In line with the graduation requirements of the  school of graduate  studies of Arsi university  and School social science  and Humanities  department of Afaan Oromoo and literature in particular.
  • Involves both course work and research. The course work includes small scale projects presentation of   the results of the projects terms papers practical exercises, tests and examinations
  • A minimum  CGPA for 3.00 for course work and minimum grade of satisfactory  for thesis work required  for graduation

                        Assessment method

Students will be assessed both on continuous and final examination basis. The continuous assessment will be through portfolio writing, classroom presentation, tests, quiz, written assignments, speech delivery, etc

                                  Degree Naming

                   Master of Arts degree in Afaan Oromoo Language and Literature

 Quality Assurance and program evaluation

Academic quality is a way of describing how well the learning opportunities available to students to achieve their award. It is about making sure that appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities are provided for them. Thus, in addition to fulfilling relevant resources i.e. material and human, the department works with all stakeholders so that the best will be achieved out of the program. Specifically, the quality of the program will be assured through the following ways:

  • Assessments, mesurements and ivaluations will be done by course instructor(s) and exam committee of the department.
  • Course syllabus evaluation at the end of each semester and year.
  • Curriculum evaluation at the end of every four years.
  • Creating opportunity for students for practical applications.
  • Exit exam will be prepared centrally by professionals of the program from various universities in the country. (If national higher education policy directions intends )
  • The curriculum will be revised through need assessment and also based on practical applation and philosophy of education