Dr.Kasim Kimo Academic vice president

Academic rank: Associate Professor (MA, MBA, PhD)
Email: karayu2008@gmail.com
Cell Phone: +251930303968
Tel: +251223317816
Face book: Qasim k.kebelo

It is a great privilege and honor to be a part of the vision of Arsi University to make it a hub of learning, innovation and research with a futuristic vision by giving a strong impetus to creating knowledge, application and holistically inspiring youth to become leaders of tomorrow. I believe that the rigors of the contemporary world will require knowledgeable professionals who could withstand the dynamics of the fast-changing world. I look forward to a deep engagement with students, staff, industry and Community to position Arsi University as the national leader in delivering value to its students and offering a transformative educational and life experiences.
To my best knowledge, the scenic beauty and congenial weather condition of Arsi University campuses are ideally suited for students learning, professional studies, researches and innovations. This provides a friendly and inviting learning environment where students feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts, emotions, opinions and questions with their professors as well as among themselves.
Arsi University, as one of Applied Science Universities in Ethiopia, is also wholeheartedly committed to equip students with practice-oriented knowledge and skill-set necessary to respond to the full diversity of global demands. Besides, the University will be entering into Memorandum of Understanding with reputed Universities and industries across the globe for the exchange of students and staff.
To this effect, there will be tough times and there will be easier ones, but we shall work hard with no regrets, and be victorious. As all academic staffs are here to be the mentors and facilitators to help the students in all round progress and development. As parents and community at large are here to understand the strength and weaknesses of their children and encourage them, in choosing a study of their passion and interest. As students are here to understand that the rules and regulations in the university are put in a place to help them in realizing their dreams.
Therefore, let’s move ahead with a clear line of action to excel in academics to help to generate ideas that will benefit our society, and to educate and train students to work in fields where they will be valued both for their knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve socioeconomic problems. In this regard, I offer my best wishes to all students and staff to grow and excel in this challenging and competitive world. Our motto is in the heart of everybody-“Like Our Star Athletes, Excelling Professionals”.
Finally, I sincerely invite you to join the vibrant university and explore the world of knowledge and opportunities both for yourself and your country.