Dr.Edo Rago | Director|

Name:                             Edo Rago Tufa, Ph.D.          
Academic Rank:            Assistant Professor
College/Institute:           Business and Economics
Department/Team:        Management
Mob. Tele.:                  +251 911 659709
P.O.Box                          193
Email:                              edorago2004@gmail.com/kenna.rr@gmail.com
Facebook:                        idisha_r@yahoo.com
Telegram:                         0911659709

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About the office

Message of Director
Objectives of the Directorate

The academic affairs directorate is one of the central directorates and it is primarily concerned with coordinating and directing all academic programs of the university under the supervision of the office of Vice President for Academic Affairs (AVP). The directorate understands, shares and is committed to the university’s vision, mission and values in general and from the perspective of teaching/learning activities (academic wing) in particular. As the academics makes up and takes the lion’s share of the three pillars of the university’s mission, the directorate is planning to reorganize and upgrade itself in order to be able play its high-level duties and responsibilities stated in the Senate Legislation.

The primary objective of the directorate is to organize and direct all academic issues of the university in collaboration with colleges, school and institutes and communicate the same to the university management and community on a timely basis.

Gather, organize and get approved curricula of all programs (UG, PG, Regular, Continuing and Distance Education)
Actively engage in curriculum review, development and approval processes of all colleges
Collect, organize and maintain data of academic staff (on duty, on study leave, sabbatical leave, local and expatriates with the academic qualifications and ranks)
Collect, organize and execute staff development plans and improve staff profile of the university in collaboration with colleges and the university top management
Coordinate and execute orientation program to the freshman regular UG students when they first join us in cooperation with concerned offices
Plan, implement and follow up the teaching/learning activities of all colleges in collaboration with academic v/deans of the respective colleges.
Work closely with all colleges with regard to database management so that updated student data, staff data and program data will be available at all levels of the university,
Actively communicate and work with all other directorates of the university so as to promote synergy and realize the university’s vision and mission.
Discharge all duties and responsibilities accorded to it by the senate legislation.
Future Plan of the Directorate
The directorate’s existing structure is weak particularly in terms of human resource (the Director and a secretary). This directorate is supposed to play critical roles as listed above but its current human resource is inadequate to effectively undertake those duties and responsibilities.  Therefore, its near future plan is to revise its structure, present to the top management for approval and strengthen itself with qualified experts that will help to realize the stated objectives and tasks of the directorate. In addition, the directorate is also planning to fulfill other facilities such as office equipment, vehicle, other resources meant to improve its stated and well-expected functions.
Quality teaching and learning through synergy