Objectives of PG for Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature

   2.1 Objectives of MA in TEFL

  • The courses in this MA in TEFL program are designed to meet the following major objectives: 
  • Acquainting learners with the general theories and approaches that govern the teaching and learning of English language in a foreign language context; 
  • Introducing learners to a range of methodologies that could be used in teaching the skills of English language and helping them critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of theses methodologies; 
  • Helping learners understand current theoretical assumptions informing the teaching learning of English language globally and locally;
  •  Enabling the trainees design valid and reliable tests and assess the classroom performance and overall achievement of their students; 
  • Equipping the trainees with the basic skills of designing, analyzing language curriculum, syllabuses and developing and evaluating English language teaching materials that fit to their classroom context; 
  • Enhancing the trainees’ skills in using technology for teaching English language; 
  • Equipping trainees with basic skills of conducting research for the systematic analysis of problems related to teaching-learning English language at regional and national levels;

2.2 Graduate profile of PG Program

The graduate from this MA in TEFL program is expected to have the following profiles: 

  • Teach English as a Foreign Language at preparatory schools and other higher learning institutions; 
  • Serve as English language curriculum designers for various grade levels.
  • Serve as consultants for those organizations, which work in the area of language education, and materials preparation and evaluation. 
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate language programs.

Develop the skills of identifying problems and barriers to the teaching-learning of English and suggesting possible solutions through conducting research in their area

2.3 Teaching and learning method

  • Lecture/ discussion 
  • Presentation (both in groups and individually)
  • Group/Pair Activities 
  • Whole class participation/interaction
  • Seminar

2.4 Program duration

The programme leading to Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language will take two years or four semesters for regular students; three years (three summers) plus one semester of the following academic year in winter for writing MA Thesis for in-service summer and extension students1

Only after completing the academic requirements of 29 credit hours, will the student be allowed to write a thesis in the area of English language education.

2.5 Admission requirement

The following criteria are considered in the admission process: 

  • GPA of at least 2.00 in the bachelor’s degree (English Majors or Minors) 30%
  •  Entrance exam results (Written Examination) 60% 
  • Teaching Experience 05% 
  • Recommendation Letter 05%
  • Total 100% 
  • Transcript of Academic Records from the university attended
  • Completed application form

N.B: Government sponsored students will be evaluated only by entrance exam (100%)

2.6 Assessment method

Term Paper/Project Work 30%

Individual/ Group presentation (s) 30%

Final Examination 40% 

Total 100%

  1. Thesis Writing

The student is expected to write a thesis in the area of English language education upon finishing all the academic requirements or course works.

  1. Grading

Students will be graded letters A-F based on the raw scores earned.

Raw MarksLetter GradesGrade Points
(95, 100)A+4.00
(90, 95)A4.00
(85, 90)A-3.75
(75, 85)B+3.50
(70, 75)B3.00
(65, 70)B-2.75
  (58, 65)C+2.50
(50, 58)C2.00
(40, 50)  D1.00

The final MA Thesis will be graded as (Excellent, Very good pass, Good pass, satisfactory pass, and Fail). Separate guideline will be used for evaluation of MA Thesis.

2.7 Graduation requirement

To graduate in TEFL, a trainee needs to: 

  • have a minimum overall CGPA of 3.00;
  • not score “ D” and less grade in any of the courses
  • take a minimum of 32 and a maximum of 35 Credit Hours

2.8. Degree Naming

The Post Graduate Degree to be conferred shall be identified as “Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)” (Amharic= “የአርት ማስተርስ ዲግሪ እንግሊዝኛን እንደ ውጭ ቋንቋ በማስተማር

2.9 Quality Assurance and program evaluation

The quality of teaching can be assured through making references and text books and teaching materials available to learners. Besides, well qualified staff members in different streams of English and better facility of laboratories may enhance the quality of education. Moreover, the potential stakeholders/employers and the alumni will be consulted to get feedback about the quality of the education program. The quality of the program will be evaluated by both internal and external quality audit as the standards set by HERQA. It will also be assured by a permanent scheme of assessment and evaluation that will be collaboratively undertaken by the department and stakeholders. Nevertheless, the program can be revised by the directions of MOSHE following a national policy and strategy changes.