University President

President’s Message

Dear Viewers,
I am glad to express about Arsi University in this front page. Arsi University is one of the youngest universities who envisioned becoming among the leading East African Universities and one of the recognized Universities in the world in producing competent professionals by 2025 E.C

Beginning from its establishment, the University started working closely with the board and local communities by involving them in planning process especially in problem solving research and community engagement projects. Accordingly; 86 research and 26 community engagement projects are going on.
In addition to research and community engagement the University run teaching and learning activities in Social Sciences and Humanities college, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences College, College of Business and Economics, College of Health Sciences, college of Education and Behavioral Sciences and Law schools. Sport Academy, Engineering and Natural science colleges will be opened in the coming two years.
The University teaching and referral Hospital which services over 3,000,000 people is being equipped with state of the art medical equipments undergoing radical change to provide service. A number of medical doctors are doing their specialization which will add additional input to the Hospital.

The University also created strong linkages with some universities abroad in USA, Germany, South Korea, and China as well as with some research institutes and industries. I think as very young university much corner stone is laid down but many more remain. Therefore, I would like call upon the university community, our stakeholders and collaborators to join us in heart and mind in realization of our vision.
Thank you
Like Our star Athletes, Excelling Professionals

Tolla Berisso (PhD),Founder President Arsi University