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The president of Arsi University, His Excellency Dr. Duguma Adugna warmly welcomes the participants who came from various universities of the country. In his welcoming speech, the president affirms that Arsi University is the youngest higher learning institution which is only 4 sold years old; however, the University is enough matured to organize and chair conferences and workshop like this that can create exposure for sustainable interaction of scholars, researchers and scientists to find solution towards the existing challenges of our environment. He also appreciates the scholars who have been working relentlessly to obviate the prevailing aquatic ecosystem threat.


His Excellency Dr. Gemedo Dale, Minister of Forest, Environment and Climate Change makes a sound and remarkable opening speech where he values the progress that has been performed by scholars of different Ethiopian Universities to bring a sustainable development without harming the surrounding community. The Minister also states that the country has immense potential of water resource which can contribute the economic development and livelihood of the community, but most of our water bodies and aquatic resources are adversely affected by reckless activities. This in turn may affect other water bodies’ related activities like navigation, irrigation and fishing because the surface of the water is covered with weed hyacinth/E.crassipes. Several efforts have been made by governments and non-governments to eradicate the weed from the system since it has been noticed; however, the lesson indicates from other nations, it is not an easy task to avoid the weed once established, and it demands an integrated approach. Finally, Dr. calls professionals, scholars and other concerned group to take action towards the prevalent impends of aquatic environment that may create a huge and chronic ecological crisis.

Next to this, several papers have been presenting in the conference, and a hot panel discussion has been conducted where scholars, researchers and scientists are openly discoursing regarding the presenting information so as to bring something better for the wellbeing of aquatic environment. In the conference, about 18 universities of the country are represented by their scholars, researchers and scientists for a joint action against aquatic ecosystem threat.

TheUniversity cuddles a splendid and flamboyant graduation parade on 4 of January/ 2018. Higher academic and administrative officials, the university leaders, community representatives, country elders, graduate families and friends connected on the remark of the instance.

The President of Arsi University, His Excellency Dr. DugumaAdugnastates that Arsi University is working with the surrounding community to realize a considerable change in education quality in order to produce ethical professional who can solve the society’s problem. He also affirms that without the active participation of the community, delivering quality service is unthinkable; therefore, the university has to work with the community for better advancement. The University graduates 312 students. Among these 57 in Medical Doctor (MD) and 264 in other health science programs. Meanwhile, the dean of College of Health Sciences Dr. NuwamaBifa appreciates the graduates, and he sustains that graduates are not only going to save life and protect people from various form infections but also give ethical and quality service to the community.

The graduation parade has been fascinating and astoundingwhere graduates, families and friends of graduates have been expressingtheir pleasure over the graduation ceremony by screaming, shrilling and shouting to express their pleasure.

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Call for Papers

Bright Friday, December 15th 2017, bright Friday but not as usual that people like for its start of weekend; it is bright because Assela was decorated by flags and banners that congratulate the first International Research Conference hosted by Arsi University posted in public places declaring the conference is on the core theme entitled as “Enhancing Sustainable Development through Innovative Research and Community Services”. Participants from Canada, USA, Europe,Kenya, and Ethiopia got together at beautiful Arsi Zone Oromo people’s Democratic Organization building, Oda Roba hall – named after one of the five Oromo Gada System wisdom centers.

Dr. Adem Kedir, Director, Research and Publication Directorate

The conference scheduled for two days 15th – 16th December 2017. This demanding conference started by blessings of Oromo cultural elders and Abba Gadas as usual everywhere in Oromiya National Regional State. Describing the objectives of the conference, Dr. Adem Kedir, Director of Research and Publication Directorate of Arsi University, said that Arsi University, established in 2014/15 with the objectives of providing teaching, research and community services. Research helps to achieve both the teaching and community service objectives by providing scientific evidence for efficient and effective planning and actions. Research also helps strengthening the internal service provisions of the university. He added also that today’s conference theme was picked from the resolution adopted by the United Nations Post-2015 development agenda (October 12, 2015) and that the intentions of the agenda include to end poverty and hunger everywhere; to combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources; to create conditions for sustainable, inclusive and sustained economic growth, shared prosperity and decent work for all. These ambitions, according to Adem, need innovative research and community service,

keeping other things constant, not the usual ways of doing research and providing community services, and thus the theme of the conference was coined.

The objective of the conference was to create the forum for learning from one another and source of input for scientific advancement and policy changes that could help meeting the sustainable development goals with the fastest speed possible and required quality, Adem stressed.

Dr. Kasim Kimo, Research and Community Service Vice President

Dr. Kasim Kimo, Vice President of Research and Community Service of Arsi University welcomed the participants and described the past conference organizations of the university and how the current conference became the reality.He thanked all the participants’, Arsi University staff and the Research and Publication Director for preparing such an excellent conference and invited Dr. Duguma Adugna, President of Arsi University, to make the opening speech. Dr.Duguma appreciated the participants, especially those who came from abroad, and forwarded important directions to be followed by the staff and the participants.Arsi University’s contribution to the local, national and regional development was an important part of his speech.

Dr. Duguma Adugna, President

Dr. Hussein Hamda, from the University of Manitoba Canada, uploaded the theme of the research conference through briefing the historical background of concept of sustainable development, and its relevance to present Ethiopian development stage and strategies. He presented also experiences of different countries and highlighted the opportunities and challenges of meeting the sustainable development goals with the fastest possible speed and the required quality. His speech fetched lots of appreciations from the participants.

Dr. Hussein Hamda, Keynote Speaker, Canada, Manitoba

Three papers were presented in the plenary session after the tea break. These papers were on the design and analysis of agricultural experiments, on the government developments strategies from Kenya and on laboratory errors in the total testing process in the clinical laboratory. These presentations attracted hot and fruitful discussion and ended on 1:00 pm.

After having delicious lunch at Derartu Hotel – hotel owned by Colonel Derartu Tullu, the renowned female Ethiopian athlete who also was born and grown in Arsi– participants relocated themselves based on their research interest at different halls; (a) Agriculture and Environmental Science at Dhadacha Qitibe hall, (b) Socioeconomics at Haro Qerro hall, and (c) Health Sciences at Oda Roba hall. At each parallel session six papers were presented and discussions were made. First day conference ended at 5:30PM with pleasure. The same parallel sessions also continued in the same rooms on the second day morning. Here also excellent papers were presented by professionals from different countries and universities.To mention one among papers presented at Haro Qerro hall “Analysis of the Political Ramifications of the Politics of Identity Visibility in Contemporary Ethiopia” by Dr. Jeylan Woliye of Haramaya University attracted attention of most participant at the hall. At every hall discussions were completed before lunch.

The invited papers presentations were held at the plenary session at Oda Roba hall in the afternoon, before tea break. These include “Optimization of Science and Technology Landscapes and Knowledge Generation in Higher Education System for Survival and Economic Development of the Nation” by Prof Endashaw Bekele(Member of Administrative board of Arsi University) from Addis Ababa University; “The interplay between Environmental Education, Population and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia” by Dr. Ahmed Hussein from Addis Ababa University and “The controversies around the P- value Statistic” by Prof. Tessema Astatike, from Canada. These second day plenary session presentations also fetched lots of appreciations and created the opportunity for hot discussion. Dr.Abebe Kebede, from USA, also shared his experience on how to make link between our staff and the organizations and the Diaspora.

Presentations of summaries from parallel sessions and general discussion were made after the tea break of the second day. The overall coordinator of the

conference and chairman of the session, Dr. Adem Kedir, invited the participants

to give comments and raise questions on the conference. Mr. Manaye Abera, from Ministry of Education, appreciated the overall preparation of the conference detailing the examples for his saying so. Female instructors leading presentation sessions, the way the university involved young staff in the conference for producing future leaders, and stakeholder participation were among points that attracted Manaye’s appreciations. He advised the university to converts some of these presentations into community service projects and emphasize on education quality and hoped Arsi University to be center of excellence for research.

Dr. Sultan Suleman, from Jimma University started commenting by saying“Initially I came from Jimma to share our experience to Arsi University, but I

found that Arsi University is the University that gives other universities a lot of best experiences”. He promised also to work closely with Arsi University,

especially in supporting the Oromo Research Center. Abba Gadas, presenters,invited guests and religious leaders applauded Arsi University for preparing suchan excellent conference, on which 40 scientific papers were presented.

Finally the two day conference ended by words of thanks by Dr. Adem Kedir,closing speech and ways forward by Dr. Duguma Adugna, and blessings of Aba Gadas and country elders.