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Arsi University Successfully Completes the Training on Quality Education Assurance, Deliver ology, Civics and Ethics and Evaluation of 2016/17 Academic Year Execution

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The training edifies both academic and administrative staff of Arsi University to be energetic for better involvement so as to bring a drastic change in the institution. A comprehensible direction has been given to both academic and administrative staff of Arsi University that has inspired them to generate constructive comments and arguments towards the existing discussion topics. The university president, Dr. Duguma Adugna treasured the active participation of academic and administrative staff in the whole training situations, and he extended his appreciation for collective effort for every institutional activity regardless of any preconditions. Thus, all Arsi University staff are equally responsible for any actions that have been undertaking in the University. Adding to this, the president let the University community work hard together producing qualified and competent professionals who can fit the international working system. With this enlightenment, Arsi University academic and administrative staff are enthused to assimilate that have been implied in the training for a welcoming teaching- learning environment.

Presenting the 2009 EC academic year execution, a hot discussion has been conducted, and important, constructive comments and arguments have been forwarded; then; the management council promises to incorporate the amendments for better performance in 2010 EC academic year. A number of issues have been raised for open and free discussion; consequently, the University staff have got the chance of reflecting their view for panel discussion which is a means of academic communication. As participants have accredited, the training can have updated their critical thinking in various aspects that is highly significant when they are at eve of new academic year performance. Finally, the University president notices that both academic and administrative staff have to keep strong and competitive so that the University can achieve its vision and goals in the scheduled time frame. Last but not least, Arsi University staff demonstrate their solidarity for citizens who have been displaced from their home village as a result of impulsive boarder conflict between Oromia and Ethiopian Somalie Regions; therefore; the university staff contribute more than /six million /6,000,000.00 birr to rehabilitates them

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