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Arsi University College of Social Sciences and Humanities Hosts the 1st Oromo Language National Research Conference

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Arsi University College of Social Sciences and Humanities Hosts the 1st Oromo Language National Research Conference with the motto “Oromo language for tourism and cultural development beyond academic and communication use” at Kulumsa Research Center on June 28/2017.

Mr. Kassu Zeleke, the dean of College of Social Sciences and Humanities welcomed participants, invited guests and stake holders of the conference. As the dean explained in his welcoming speech, the University has been working tenaciously towards Oromo language development in turn to make it the language of innovation, science and technology so that Oromo researchers can use it to identify scientific discovery. He remarked that much effort has to be done to develop the language both in academic and creative sphere of influence. To realize this, we Oromo intellectuals are expected to do great fervor in creating welcoming and artistic interaction with others to develop the language in various aspects.

Dr. Birhane Sime, representing Arsi University president through his noteworthy opening speech appreciated the office of vice-president for research and community service for the great endeavor to facilitate such kind of interesting and astonishing conference that has light for other concerned groups as well as stake holders. Dr. briefed that Oromo language cannot be the language of science and technology without the active involvement of Oromo scientists and researchers; therefore, we Oromo intellects have to bestrong to work hard to develop ourlanguage towards innovation, tourism and cultural development. With this understanding, Arsi University is working toughened to facilitate situation for the well burgeoning of Oromo language particularly in tourism and cultural development domain of inspiration.

Extending his appreciation to the conference initiators, Dr. Kasim Kimo, vice-president for research and community service warmly welcomed the invited guests and participants of the occasion. The vice-president reminded that the University has been working industriously to initiate the academic wing to involve in research and community service related chores. Through this enlightenment, about six in house research and community service conferences have been conducted in different colleges of the university; consequently, thematic areas have been identified so that researchers can have clear understanding to conduct research and community service projects.

In the 1st Orormo Language National Conference, 14 research papers were presented focusing on the development of Oromo language for tourism and cultural advancement, and potential problems were identified so as to bring appropriate solution. For instance, translation form any other language to Oromo language has been understood as the major problem facing in the development of the language. Meanwhile, there is immense contribution of Gada system for the current situation of Oromo language flourishing in various areas of communication and medium of instruction. There is also great contribution of ritual ceremony and increment of attendants especially through media coverage.

Dr. Jeylan Aman from Haramaya University made a defining speech on Orormo language development. He notes that Orormo language shall be beyond academic and communication use, and it has to be the language of science and technology as well new innovative findings shall be driven in Orormo language if we can produce Orormo scientists who invent something new for the existing world.


The educated sector has to create opportunities and situations particularly media coverage which can build exposure so that others can have comprehensible understanding of the language inputs. Dr. Jeylan renowned that culture and language are two sides of a coin which means culture can be manifested by language in turn it builds socialization that is a good aspect of human being. The Oromo people have been nurtured with abundant cultures and the primary instrument to transfer culture is language; therefore, huge task is expected to develop our language in any aspect ofcommunication.

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