President’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the former president, Dr Tolla Berisso, with his team, for the hard work and commitment in building and growing Arsi University to what it is today. Over the last three years, your leadership has been characterized by strategic thinking, innovative ideas, and, most appreciated, your efforts to establish an exceptional university-community connection.Now, building on the preceding initiatives of the University, we set renewed objectives and priorities for the upcoming period. A top priority of this year is quality in learning, research and community services (core businesses).The way we handle these businesses needs transformation. Accordingly,we will follow a fresh understanding of openness, collaboration and interaction and create more spaces for:
  1. ‘Inclusive diversity': we will promote an environment where faculty, staff and students are valued, respected and supported. We will enhance organizational culture that has respects for and appreciations of differences in ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, educational background, age and national origin. Our focus should be beyond diversity and to enable the diversity performing well together.
  2. ‘Co-creating quality’: we will facilitate active interactions among faculty, staff, students, community/industry and other partners/stakeholders and thereby co‐create quality (universities will not be the only creators of quality).
  3. ‘Delivering results’ in practice: we must direct our education, research and services towards addressing the priority concerns of students, the community, region and nation. We will work hard to align the competencies of our graduates with societal needs.
           Duguma Adugna Debele (PhD) President