Call for Papers

10 October 2018

College of Education and Behavioral Science, Arsi University, warmly invites interested researchers, academia, and practitioners in the area of education...


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Arsi University is committed to providing the highest-quality education for all its students, enabling them to achieve Read More


The university amplifies collaborative faculty-led research activities at Assela Read More


Community service forms the core of our work at Arsi University.Initially established to address the health Read More


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University Inauguration Ceremony

The Inauguration Ceremony for Arsi University took place on Friday, October 15, 2014 in Assela town at Assela main campus. This ceremony marked the installation of Arsi University, by the Ministry of Education. During the ceremony higher government officials from Ministry of education and Oromia region were participated. The President has offered his inaugural address. Other elements of the ceremony that was included: a poem written for the occasion; a motto text chosen by the new President and set to tune. Read more

Duguma Adugna Debele (PhD) President
Dear all,

A top priority of this year is quality in teaching, learning,research and community services.Read more