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Arsi University

Research and Publication Directorate

2007 Research Proposals 

          1.  College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences 


Title of the project

Name of the Initiators
1 Assessment of Climate Change impact on availability of surface water for irrigation using Bias Corrected Original Climate Model in the case of Ketar Sub-basin bay.

1.Sissay Kebede(PI)

2.Mulusew Usman

2 Collection, Propagation and conservation of medical plants through establishment of field gene bank at Asella School of Agriculture

1.Dinkissa Beche(PI)

2.Misbahu Aman


Variation in recovery and Utilization efficiency, and Dry matter and nitrogen accumulation in food barely as influenced by genotype and fertilization

1.Meharie Getasew(PI)

2.Tadesse Lemma

4 The role of Rural saving and Credit cooperatives on saving Mobilization of members in Hetosa Woreda: ArsiZone, Oromia National Regional State

1.Abdella Yasin(PI)

2.Getachew Nigussie

5 Genetic Variability and Diversity of Bread Wheat(triticum L) in south Eastern Ethiopia

1.Tegenu Teshome(PI)

2.Zerihun Tadesse

6 An integrated value Chain analysis of High land Pulse: the case of Arsi Zone, Oromia state, Ethiopia 

1.Mahilet Mekonnen(PI)

2.Habtamu Tarko

7 Assessment of Rural Entrepreneurs  Integration strategies in Value Chain Activities

1.Messele K.(PI)



The Effect of Effective  Management, Farmyard Manure (FYM), Human Urine and Inorganic fertilizers on Fresh Leaf Yield, Quality Variables of Mulberry, and Growth and Cocoon traits Performance of Silkworm, Bombyxmori L. in Asella

1.Miftha Beshir(PI)

2.Kedir Shefa

9 Forest carbon stock assessment through remote sensing and ground based analysis in Natural and plantation forest of Munessa in the Context of REDD+

1.Annisa Mohhamed(PI)

2.Debele Abera

10 Causes of Adama Asella Road side soil erosion and  it’s alteration mitigation strategies: A GIS application of Water shade management

1.Abebe Terefe(PI)

2.Desalgne Lemi

11 Native Tree species Specific allometric  Models and Carbon stocks of dry matter Forest in the South Eastern Ethiopia

1.Yusuf Jundi(PI)

2.Nebi Morke


Performance Evaluation and Adoption Determinants of water harvesting technologies for small scale irrigation

1.Getachew Alemu(PI)

2.Kefyalew Emiru

3.Yeshimbet Ayele

13 Adoption Determinants of, Performance Evaluation and Usability Testing of Mirt improved Cooking stove in Tiyo District

1.Mebtu Ageze(PI)

2.Yesimebet Ayele

14 Assessment  and Evaluation of water shade management Activities in Keleta water shad, Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional state, Ethiopia

1.Dessalegn Lemi(PI)

2.Abebe Terefe


               2. College of Health Sciences 



Title of the project

Name of Initiators
1 Factors associated with non-adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy among adult HIV/ADIS patients; in Arsii zone, south East Ethiopia

1.Mehammed Hussien (PR)

2.Bekele Dibaba

2 “Dynamics of Malaria Transmission and Artemisinin Resistance in Ziway Dugda, Ethiopia”

1.Million Getachew (PR)

2.Dr. Ketema Tafess

3 Quality of sexually transmitted Infection Case Management in Private, Public and Non- governmental Health Care Facilities in Adama town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, 2014

1. Abay Burusie

2.  Ashenafi Habtamu

4 Assessment of Physico- Chemical & Bacteriologica parameters of Drinking Water from Different sites in Asella town

1.Amde Eshete

2.Abay Brusse

5 Predictors of lamps contraceptive methods utilization among married women of reproductive age in adama town,oromia region, south east ethiopia, 2014 1.Ashenafi Habtamu 2.Gebi Agero
6 Effect of reused oil on the plasma lipid profile and body insulin sensitivity of mices; comparison with the imported palm oil.

1.Dereje Getachew(PR)

2.Tewodrose Desalegn



Level of concentration of iodine in salt and proper utilization methods at houseold level and associated factors in selected woredas of arsi zone, oromia region, ethiooia 2014.

1.Hailu Fekadu (PR)

2.Solomon Tejineh

8 Assessment of risk factors associated with severe acute malnutrition among children admiteed to arsi zone governmental hospitals, ethiopia, 2014

1.Tolessa Kebede(PR)

2.Brihanu Alemu

9 Assessment of factors affecting nurses working in governmental hospitals arsi zone, oromia region, ethiopia

1. Brihanu Alemu(PR)

2.Tolessa Kebede

10 “Study on molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis: genetic diversityandimmuneresponseinarsihighland, oromia region

1.Dr. Ketema Tafess (PR)

2.Million Getachew

11 Assessmentofknowledge,atitudeandpractice of midwifery and nurses regarding neonatal resuscita in arsi zone health institutions, oromia region, ethiopia, augest, 2014 1.Eshete T/wol(PR) 2.Ahmed Abbas
12 Prevalence of Depressive Disorders and Associated Factors among Residents of Adama Town, Ethiopia

1.Martha A (PR)

2.Sintayehu S.




                       3.  College of Humanities and School of Low  



Title of the project

Name of initiators

Traditional Medicine: Linkage, Extent of Referral, Integration and Challenges

Astudy with a particular Reference To Bishoftu Town

1.Mesafint Adal(PI)

2. Tadese Solomon

3. Bizualem Berhane


‘Legislative Scrutiny and its role, challenges and effectiveness (the case of Oromia Regional State)


1.Awel Ahmed(PI)

2.Mandefro Sorecha


Assessment of Non-English Language Instructors’ Perception of English Language Courses: The Case of Adama Science and Technology University.


1.Mesfin Admasu(PI)

2.Diriba Eticha


4 Measuring the effectiveness of criminal justice programs in controlling crimes with particular emphasis on community policing in the East Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

1.Yidnekachew Mitiku(PI)

2.Temesgen Genet

5 Corporate Social Responsibility practices and Governance system in the Manufacturing Industry: A case of some selected Manufacturing Industries in East Shewa zone, Oromia Regional State.

1.Gobezayehu Baye (PI)

2.Alemseged Debele

6 Meles and Ethiopia: The Making of cultural Relativism in Ethiopian History

1.Meseret Bekele(PI)

2.Aklilu Yohanis

7 The Role of ATEETEE as Oromo Women’s Ritual Festivity in Perpetuating Cultural, Religious and Political Values:  The Arsi Zone Oromo in Focus

1.Dr. Ejarra Batu(PI)

2.Muhammed Hussien

8 Indigenous Knowledge of Rainwater Management and Utilization Practices for Livestock and Aligned Benefits: The Case of arsi and Harrarghe in Oromiya, Ethiopia

1.Negasho Bedhaso Logita (PI)

2.Tilahun Bayou Erba

9 A Study on Vulnerability and Situation of Female Students Sexual Exploitation by Sex Tourist I Addis Ababa

1.Dereje Bekele Gemechu (PI)

2.Getachew Godana

10 The Role of Language and Host Perceptions of Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism in Oromiya Region of Bale Zone in Three Selected Areas

1.Tesfaye Aberra (PI)

2.Alemgena Belete

11 Sexual Harassment: The Case of Addis Ababa Science  and Technology University & Adama Science and Technology University

1.Alemu Shiferaw (PI)

2.Mohammed Kedir

12 Analysis of Climate Variability Patterns and Adaptation Strategies in Central Ethiopian Rift Valley: Cases from Dodota District

1.Dr.Tsetadirgachew Legesse (PI)

2.Yemane Addis





                4.  College of Business and Economics 

S/N Title of the Project Project initiators
1 Analysis of Hospital Governance form and its Implication on Service Delivery of Organizational Commitment 1.Gemechis Terfa(PI)
2 Reducing Supply Chain Transaction Cost and Gaining Competitive Price Advantage to Ethiopian Coffee Producers and exporters at the End of the Market. 1.Dr. Tarekegn Dea (PI)
3 Value Chain and Supply Chain Alignment with Business Strategy 1.Belay Lemessa (PI) 2.Kefelegn Desalegn

1.Alemayehu Ethiopia (PI)

2.Hailu Abera

6 Measurement and Assessment of Credit Risk in Ethiopian Banking. 1.Wubeshet Ayanew (PI)
7 Tax Payers Perception Towards Fairness: Personal Business Profit Taxpayers in East Shewa Zone

1.Zerihun Getachew (PI)

2.Muktar Abdulfetar

8 Who does Benefit from Micro Financing? Rural or Urban Household Women?

1.Seoum Guta (PI)

2.Asamenew Desalgne


1.Obsan Regassa(PI)

2.Abdi Dhufera

10 Customers Attitude and Perception to Electronic Banking

1Mohammed Arif Sheikh (PI)

 2.Abdi Dufera-

11 The applicability of Marketing Ethics in Asella referral Hospital

1.Nebiyu Samuel(PI)

2.Gebi Hussein

3.Gemechu Bekele

12 Evaluation of Challenges and Gaps of Public Participation in the Decision Making Process (Planning, Implementation and Evolution Phases) at Local Level.

1.Tegenu Y. and(PI)

2.Mesay Barekew

13 Stakeholders satisfaction towards technical and Vocational Education and training reform outcomes in Oromia Regional state, Ethiopia

Birhane Sime(Ass. Professor(PI)

Tolla Berisso(PhD)



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