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Overview of the Department

The Department of Food Science and Post-harvest Technology (FSPT) was established during 2012 G.C. underAdama Science and Technology University (upgraded from the formerFood Processing Department) .The new program became officially operational with the first intake of students in 2012/13 academic year who graduated in 2016 G.C with BSc in Food Science and Postharvest Technology.

Currently the department, under Arsi University, is engaged in teaching undergraduate degree infour yearprogram and the students undertake project research in the areas of food microbiology,food processingand preservation,postharvest technology, food analysis, food safety and quality control,productdevelopment and sensory evaluation, food constituents and other nutritional studies. The department of FSPT is an interdisciplinary subject that comprises: Science, Nutrition and Technology as core professional competences in all aspects of food sectors. It includes:-

  • Improving the existing traditional food processing technologies
  • Food analysis and safety
  • Food nutrition and health
  • Processing technology of all foods and beverages
  • Reducing poverty and food insecurity
  • Entrepreneurship in the food sectors by creating awareness with food processing industry
  • Food commodities grading, quality assurance in law enforcing establishments
  • Packaging ,distribution and marketing of foods and food products
  • Agricultural produce loss reductions by using appropriate handling and quality management
  • Food preservation and increasing the shelf-life of foods and beverage
  • New product development and formulations to changes the eating habit of the community and increasing life style change
  • Processing of agricultural produces (oil seeds, fruit and vegetables, poultry, grains, meat, fish, egg, beverages, dairy products, honey, sugar and confections, etc) into cost effective, value-added, nutritious, shelf-stable, safe cost effective and culturally fit food and beverage products.

Entry Requirements

A candidate wishing to be admitted to Food Science and Postharvest Technology B.Sc degree programs must satisfy the minimum university entry requirement /completion and pass the preparatory program (10 + 2) preferably better performance in natural sciences.Seemore