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Overview of the program

Animal Science program is a diverse and fascinating blend of applied and basic life sciences, which is crucial for all our society to produce professionals, scientists and experts that can do research for solving the problem of feed shortage, poor animal genetic, animal health to the benefit of our economy and society.An animal scientist is an individual who has a passion for animals and is an expert on animal feed and how the feed is used by animals. An animal scientist normally has specialized training on how to produce the best performing animal as he knows to make the best balanced diet that meets the nutritional requirements of specific animal species (chickens, cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, etc,) and also how to keep them healthy. Many bachelor’s degrees in animal science usually are required to work in feed processing plants. Because by using their Knowledge on animal nutritionists can properly select, mix appropriate ingredients and correctly process to meet the animals’ nutritional needs.

The degree-level Animal Science education in Arsi University is designed to provide a more confident graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform modern animal production & to compete for the diverse job opportunities availablewithin our primary interest area.The contribution of this program is for all education sectors, research institutions, Ministry of agriculture, governmental & non-governmental sectors, private sectors, and inputs of industry.

Our BSC program content is intended to be relevant to the needs of employers. So the  program in Animal Science is supported largely with experiential learning using different animal species, including cattle, poultry, and swine. The training also includes a number of laboratory work, field work and educational visits to enhance student’s skill and knowledge. In this program general and specific training will be dedicatedly given to create skilled professional. Fundamental to our program will be provision of comprehensive knowledge on: 1) Animal nutrition, production & reproduction; 2) knowledge on animal health and well-being (immunology, microbiology, or pre-harvest food safety), 3) Scientific method of investigating critical issues and 4) Other many allied (multiple) disciplines including biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, genomics, and statistics will be offered.   See more