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Department of  Agribusiness and Value Chain Management

Background of the Program

Policy-makers worldwide focus increasingly on the development of agro-industries with emphasis on promoting effective agro-value chains as a means of further expansion of the leading role played by agriculture in economic growth and poverty reduction. Their development has a positive impact on employment in both rural and urban areas (off-farm processing and income diversification), offers market access to smallholders, and creates business linkages to small and medium enterprises.

In Ethiopia, Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. It contributes more than 40% to the country’s GDP. For centuries, the sector has been engaged in subsistence farming. Today, commercialization of agriculture is considered important for motivating economic growth and development, and ensuring food security and poverty reduction.

In the era of ever-changing interests of consumers, it is consumers’ need that dictates production and marketing of agricultural commodities. Hence, agribusiness enterprises should pay attention to consumer satisfaction through adding value to their goods and services along the market chains. Value addition and consideration of consumers’ demands will be achieved through flourishing agribusiness enterprises that start the business from assessment of consumers’ need and transformation of production resources and processes at their organization.Seemore