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Student services

Cafeteria Service                          

All regular students assigned from the ministry of education gets meal service from the college. The college is working to its maximum effort to provide quality meal for students. The college buys Borana bulls from Borena area and serves its students after fattening in the college farm. Since these breeds are known for their meat quality our students enjoys quality meat. For 2009 academic year, the college prepared by buying baking machine and its accessories to produce bread in the college. The purchase of 3 Electrical mills and a machine for boiling tea is also made to replace the traditional wood based boiling of tea. A modern chimney/furnace was constructed which highly saves wood and avoid the health impact inflicted on the cafeteria workers due to smoke.      


All regular students assigned from the ministry of education gets dormitory service in group from the college. In the college of agriculture it is mandatory for a student to sleep at night in its dorm. There is attendance which is taken by proctors. Absence from dormitory at night will lead to punishment ranging from oral warning to dismissal for one year.

Health Service

All regular students of the college get health services at the college students’ clinic and the university hospital year-round. Medical treatment for students is free of charge. The college clinic 24 hrs gives service and refer will be made for case beyond capacity to the university hospital. There a standby ambulance day and night.

Recreation Service

Students get 3 communal multichannel television DSTV services for 24 hours. Female students enjoy their own DSTV. Female students also have a carpet and mattress furnished room which they use to watch TV, study and discuss in talk shows. There is also football, volleyball, Tennis and other recreational games for students.


There is on multipurpose library which gives service for both College of Agriculture and Business and Economics College. The library gives service round the clock. In 2009 there will be a separate library for the two colleges.


There is one multipurpose laboratory for all the 5 departments of the college. In 2009 the college purchased laboratory equipments both from local market and abroad.

Smart Class rooms

All the class rooms of the collage are fitted with white screen (electrically raised and downed) and permanently installed LCDS. All the instructors use pointers to manipulate their slides from any corner of the room.

Internet service

Students enjoy both direct line and wifi services. For the coming year high speed internet service will be provided to students in rooms with all facilities furnished by support from KOICA. All the preparations are also made to upgrade the existing internet speed and quality through ICT directorate. It will be installed by a company who won international bid announced by the university.