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Historical background of the college

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is one of the four colleges in Arsi University. The college is established at historical place of former Chilalo Agriculture Development Unit (CADU) and Arsi Rural Development Unit (ARDU). CADU was replaced by ARDU in 1975 and existed until 1985. Chilalo Agriculture Development Unit (CADU) was established in 1967 G.C. with bilateral agreement with SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) used to encompass research and extension of agricultural technologies; and it is hailed for its rich experience in agricultural activities and extension work with farmers in order to achieve an overall development of this fertile region. The main target of CADU was to carry out research and experiment to have improved seed varieties to the region, to increase the milk yield, genetic improvement, soil and natural resource conservation.

From 1994-2000 E.C. the present college site had been served as Asella ATVET College under Oromia Agricultural Bureau to train development agents in agriculture fields.

The National Regional State of Oromia transferred the then called Asella ATVET college to Adama Science and Technology University in 2008 G.C (2001E.C.) and it is established as School of Agriculture. In 2007 E.C. the college became one of the founding colleges of Arsi University.