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Teaching-learning process

Educational/Field tour: Students from all the departments will be sent to relevant industries to develop practical skill on the courses for which no practical facilities available in the college. Food Science and Post Harvest Technology 4th year student were sent for practical attachment into different industries to practice what they learnt theoretically. Moreover, Agribusiness and value chain management students were sent for practical attachment (apprenticeship) for two months to develop their practical skill in related industries and offices.

Continuous assessment: In our college it is mandatory to give 6 different continuous assessments. The departments do not accept results with less than 6 continuous assessments.

Class attendance: There is one class attendant who is permanently assigned to control class misses and report to academic vice dean. It is mandatory to compensate for missed classes.

Punishment of absence from scheduled examination: An academic staffs who is absent from an exam to which he is scheduled to invigilate is punished by 300 birr/exam.

Examination committee: A committee of 5 academic staffs is formed at college level to supervise all the examination process and report to academic vice dean. Different mechanisms are used by the college to reduce exam cheating (mixing students from different departments, Exam coding etc).

Female student special study room: Female students have a separate reading room in the library to avoid sexual harassment and disturbance by male.

Orientation for new coming/fresh students: Freshman students were given orientations on rules and regulations of Arsi University. They were also oriented about department selection and different facilities available for them in the university.

First day first class/Every day every class: Our college is implementing ‘every day every class’ motto of the university.

Tutorial: Tutorial classes were done for female students on courses they selected in all departments.

Teaching aids: In this academic year to facilitate teaching-learning process Laptops, laptop bags, laptop charger and batteries, slide pointers, printers and photocopies were purchased.