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DrabiotWelcome to College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences website and thank you for visiting our site.College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is established at historical place of ARDU/CADU where the first integrated agricultural development started. The college possesses about 200 hectares of land to work on as a site of expansion, development, research and demonstration.College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is dedicated to advancing agricultural development through training, quality education, research and community service.

The college upholds the values of educational relevance, transparency, social accountability, gender sensitivity, equity, community participation and empowerment. In line with this, the college works in partnership with training, research, industry and extension/service institutions locally and nationally.

College of Agriculture and environmental Sciences is running undergraduate program in five departments in the fields of agriculture namely, Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Natural Resource Management, Agribusiness and Value Chain Management and Food Science and Post-harvest Technology. The college is also running Msc program in Agronomy and will also launch Msc programme in Horticulture and Agribusiness and Value Chain Management in 2016/2017 G.C. academic year.