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Office of Academic, Research and Community service Vice Dean 

There has never been a more immediate and pressing need for agriculture and natural resource professionals than now. The current generation of professionals entering the workplace must find ways to double food production without increasing the amount of land and water devoted to agriculture which is truly one of the developing countries in particular and the world’s grand challenges in general.  The students who enroll in the College of Agriculture & Environmental science want more than just jobs; they want careers that matter and provide opportunities to make a difference in the country. It is impossible to think of nobler professions than those dedicated to preserving our earth for future generations by providing the badly needed food to Ethiopia in particular and the world in general as once Ethiopia is known as a bread basket of Africa.

College of Agriculture and Environmental Science though it was not with the same name but it is a pioneer Agricultural Extension, Training development agents in different fields of agricultural in Ethiopia. Historically the current College of Agriculture and Environment was established since 1957 in collaboration with Sweden government to support Ethiopian agricultural development. It is committed to advancing agricultural development through training, knowledge generation and service delivery in the country and beyond.

In college of Agriculture & Environmental Science (ArU), I am pleased to welcome prospective students and other website visitors including researchers, guests, alumni and community members.

 It is true beyond any reasonable doubt that there has never been a more immediate and priority need than feeding the growing countries population which necessitated problem solving and practical oriented Agricultural Education and Research for Ethiopia. Agriculture is the backbone and it is at the center of development and economic transformation for Ethiopia; it is the largest source of GDP, employment, export earning and foreign currency. Possibly, it is essential for Ethiopia’s food security, growth, poverty reduction and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The mission of the college is to create a learning community in which students at all levels, and teaching staff can engage in the pursuit of knowledge across and between broad ranges of disciplines in agriculture It offers students a wide variety of courses and programs, through its research and innovative community based activity the colleges out reaches the community through different activity like training in seed production ,artificial insemination , liquid nitrogen distribution, forage seed distribution and other activity.

The college offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programmers in different fields of students   in various disciplines. It offers trainings on Horticulture & Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Natural Resources Management, Agribusiness and Value Chain Management, Food Science.

The staffs of the College always committed to satisfy the interest of our customers and very flexible to the needs of labor market and industry and plans in the future to run in-service/on-job training, winter (Bega), summer (Kiremt), on location, and weekend programs in addition to regular ones. .

ArsU CoAES has a compound that has got different indigenous forests and different zoos at its campus which can be a good area for visit and campus with beautiful landscape. It is also a place where one can get internet access through its organized wired and wireless network and also in good improvement and fulfillment for more service delivery. The educational activities of the college are directed towards effective learning.

The college has established smart class rooms, and e-learning facilities. All classes are equipped with LCDs. We have 24 hour library service for our students..

We have over 150 hectare research and teaching farms near the campus which helps as forage site for around 300 hectors of land and used for different farming activity in the near future and also generates income.  The facilities serve as laboratory site of different Agricultural activity for our teaching and research programs.  We have centers for dairy, fatting program apiculture, agronomy, horticulture, a nursery, modern green houses.

The college started forming linkage with public institution like Bureau of Agriculture, Centers of Agricultural research and private institution, dairy and meat processing industry, Chilalo food complex and Kulumsa Research center.

I invite you to take a tour of our college’s web site and learn more about the exciting academic programs and staff profile, scientific research and projects.

Contact Address:

Teferi Aman (MSc)

V/Dean Accadmic research and community service of College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Arsi University

P. O. Box: 193

E-mail: teferiaman @gmail.cot

Mobile +2510911385732

Assela, Ethiopia