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Associate dean for Administration Strategic planning and Institutional Transformation

College of Agriculture is one of the four colleges under the umbrella of Arsi University. The college is established to produce competent and qualified agricultural professionals that are committed to support the rural and urban communities and well aware of green agriculture to safeguard our environment.The major strategic goals of the college are cascaded from the University strategic focus areas which are:

  1. Producing competent and ethical graduate for the nation and global labor market at large
  2. Undertaking problem solving & demand driven agricultural research and innovative investigation
  3. Providing need based community service and technology extension

The major strategic issues aforementioned are undertaken with a strong integration and teamwork of academic, technical and administration supportive staffs of the college. The college currently comprises 117 academic, 14 technical and 471 administration supportive staffs organized under different academic departments and working teams and units. The college is administered by a dean and four associate deans. Regarding working units in general the college comprises about 5 academic departments and 30 different working teams and units as indicated below. Seemore