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College of Education and Behavioral Science has the following three departments:

  Department of Psychology:

  Department of Educational Planning & Management:

  Department of Curriculum Studies & Teachers’ Professional Development:

                          All programs

BA: Applied Psychology

  BA: Educational Planning and Management

  Post Graduate Diploma Programs:

  • PGDSL (Post Graduate in School Leadership) and
  • PGDT (Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching)

                              Post Graduate Programs:

  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management.
  • MA in Social Psychology.
  • MA in Adult Education and Community Development.
  • MA in Industrial Psychology.  


The College of Education and behavioral Sciences has the following program in PGDT program:

ü       PGDSL: PGDSL is a Post Graduate in School Leadership.

ü       PGDT: PGDT is Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching  

                      POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS

   The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences has the following post graduates programs currently:

  MA (Master of Arts) inn Educational Leadership and Management

  MA (Master of Arts) in Social Psychology

  MA (Master of Arts) in Adult Education and Community Development

  MA (Master of Arts) in Industrial Psychology

  MA in Environmental Disaster and Risk Management

  MA in Curriculum and Institution

  MA in Human resources and Organizational Development

  MA in Adult Education and Sustainable Community Development

MA in Special needs Education

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