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                                                      RESEARCH THEMATIC AREA

                          Research thematic area for CoEBS includes, but not limited to the following areas:

                                         Psychosocial problems.

                                         Psychological disorders and coping mechanisms.

                                       Alcohol and drug abuse: causes, magnitude and consequences.

                                       Human development: psychological, social, cognitive.etc aspects.

                                       Human behavior, cognition, personality, attitude, perception, motivation...etc

                                       Quality of education, education policy assessment development.

                                        Educational policy assessment, improvement, and development.

                                        Leadership and supervision in education.

                                        Health psychology: life style, stress, and health.

                                        Educational development

                                        Educational leadership,

                                        Teacher education and Development

                                          Curriculum development

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College of Agri and Enviromental Science

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