Education is the process of integral development in terms of knowledge, attitude and skills. In that, due attention must be given to consideration of individuals’ development in physical, mental and emotional aspects in line with behavioral and social issues that help or designate the delivery of educational programs. Institutions of education should also be responsive to the human development needs and processes to the entirety.

College of Education and Behavioral Science is one of the five colleges established as a parcel of Arsi University. The College was established in 2014 in Asella Town at Dinsho Campus. The College holds the name which encompasses Education and Behavioral Science; two areas that are deemed essential in the realm of education. While education could refer to the curriculum development, teacher education and management of educational aspects, the behavioral aspect covers psychological studies that due consideration and attention to individual differences, students’ and workers’ motivation, reliable and feasible assessment techniques and provision of productive guidance and counseling services.

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