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                                                                    CoEBS Dean Message

The secret behind successful life both at individual and society level is the provision of proper education. Education leads someone to have a capacity for future-oriented struggle and to withstand life hurdles. The key task of education/training is therefore, to encourage people to recognize, organize and optimize their natural potential so as to adjust them friendly in the changing environment.

The goal of College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is to   produce competent citizens both in undergraduate and post- graduate programs in educational and behavioral science fields.   We work vigorously to achieve the goal through professionalism, sharing remarkable educational knowledge, and skills in teaching, conducting problem solving research, and community services. The College is committed for quality of education even though quality is an ever changing state (i.e., what is considered quality today may not be good enough to be considered quality tomorrow).

The College welcomes and opens its door for collaboration at local, national and international levels.

Contact Address

Tolera Negassa (PhD)

Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Science.

E-mail- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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