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Currently, the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (CoEBS) has 32 qualified and experienced academic staffs. Among the 33 total staffs, 16 of them are PhD holders (of which 2 are associate professors, and 7 of them are assistant professors), 14 of them are MA holders (2 of them are assistant professors), and 1 BA holder with the rank of assistant lecturer.

Education Level Male Female Total
PhD 16 - 16
MA 8 1 9
BA 1 - 1
Study leave 7   7
Total     33

Table: 2 Summary of CoEBS Staff profile


To meet its objectives of producing qualified and competent professional in the field of psychology, the department of psychology is well organized with quailed academicians. That is, currently, the department has, 7 PhD holder, (of which, one is associate professor, and 5 are assistant professors), 8 MA holders (of which 3 are on study leave for PhD program), and 1 BA holders in the position of assistant lecturer.

Education Level Male Female Total
PhD 7 - 7
MA 7 1 8
BA 1 - 1
Total     16

Table: 1 Summary of psychology department staff profile


As of 2009 E.C. academic year, the department of psychology has a total of 84 students in its regular program. Among this, 40 of them are 3rd year students, 20 of them are 2nd year students, and 24 of them are 1st year students.

The profiles of psychology undergraduate regular students are summarized and presented as follows:

No Department Year No. of female No. of Male Total


1 Psychology 3rd 3 37 40  
2 psychology 2nd 16 4 20  
3 Psychology 1st 20 4 24  
Total     39 45 84  

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