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College of Social sciences and Humanities is one of the five colleges of Arsi University. The college is located at Bekoji town which is situated 56 km south Asella. The college was founded in 2014 with the opening of Arsi University with the principle of producing high quality graduates. Since its opening, the academic staffs of this young college have been conducting different research and community service projects.

Research thematic areas of the college

Based on the need assessment conducted from 11-13/05/2015 in Arsi, East Shewa Zone and West Arsi zones, the following thematic areas are identified.

  1. 1.Socio-cultural and Tourism Development
    1. Sustainable Tourism
    2. Tourism and Values of Culture
    3. Challenges to Cultural Values
    4. Historical Values of Cultural Aspects
    5. Access to Tourism Development
    6. Nature and Tourism
    7. Marriages
  2. 2.Good Governance and Democracy
    1. Transparency and Good Governance
    2. Media and Governances Linkages
    3. Security and Peace
    4. Human rights and Development
    5. Constitution and Constitutionalism
    6. Legal Procedures
  3. 3.Conflict and Conflict Resolutions
    1. Disputes and Land Use
    2. Conflicts and Security
    3. Indigenous Knowledge
  4. 4.Cross Cutting issues
    1. Harmful Traditional Practices
    2. Immigration
    3. Social Security
    4. People with Disability
    5. Movement of People (Rural-Urban, Urban-Rural, Abroad)

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