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Department of Civics and Ethics

Background of the Department

The department of Civics and Ethics in our university was established in Adama University 10 years before in 2006/2007 with 5 academic staffs and 50 regular students. In the same year, the department started its undergraduate extension program with 100 students. At present the department of civic and ethics is situated at bokoji campus under the college of Social Science and Humanities since 2015 after it became under Arsi University.

Currently the department has one BA program in regular and summer. The department planned to design and implement the curriculum of three more MA programs in Federalism & Governance, Peace and Conflict & Civic and Ethical Education in this budget year, i.e., in 2016/17.

The Staff (Human Resource)

Our department has well-prepared and dedicated staffs striving to enlarge its services. By now it has 22 academic staffs. In terms of educational level, 95 % (21) staffs holds MA degree and 5 % (1) staff hold PhD degree. Currently, 27% (6) instructors are in study leave attending their third degrees.

                                         Instructors on duty   in 2016/2017 academic year


No Name of Instructors Academic Rank Field of specialization
1 Birhanu Beyene Lecture Political Science
2 Alemu Shiferawu Lecture Development Studies
3 Wondimu Terefe Lecture History
4 Sime Yewahalashet Lecture Environmental Science
5 Gobezayehu Baye Lecture Governance
6 Wondimu Zewudie Lecture Political Science
7 Aklilu Yohannes Lecture Philosophy
8 Andinet Belete Lecture Political Science
9 Gosa Setu Ass/ Professor Political Science
10 Eshetu Tekele Lecture History
11 Meseret Bekele Lecture History
12 Andualem Zewudie Lecture Peace and Security
13 Mohammed Kedir Lecture Social Work
14 Defar Bekel Lecture Political Science
15 Dr Mesfin Siyoum Asso/ Professor Development studies
16 Bedhaso Kiniso Lecture Peace and Security


 Instructors on study leave in 2016/2017 academic year


No Name of Instructors Academic Rank Institution/ University Field of specialization
1 Getachew Regassa Lecture UNISA History
2 Fikadu Kenenisa Lecture AAU Philosophy
3 Yonas Tefera Lecture AAU Anthropology
4 Sisay Birhane Leture AAU History
5 Alemseged Debele Lecture AAU History
6 Negesso Jima Lecture Abroad /Turkey History

 Students profile

Our department is currently, running two programs in regular and summer. In these programs total of 293 undergraduate students are following their study in 2016/2017 academic year. From the total students, majority of them are summer with a total of 196 students and only the remaining 97 students are regular in our departments.

Program Profile

A. Regular Degree

1. Directly from (preparatory program) who successfully passed the entrance exam according to the MOE criteria with social science background.

2. Social science background preferable but not mandatory

B. Summer, Extension, and Distance Degree

1. Students who have diploma (12+2) with social science field, students who successfully passed the minimum requirement in that specific year, with social science background, and who meet the specific criteria set by the department of the respectiveinstitutions;

2. Students who have diploma (12+2) in non social science disciplines but who have taught Civic and Ethical Education at differentlevels for more than 2 years;

3. Students who have diploma with the new program (10+3) as determined by the decision of the MOE and,

4. Readmission as per university legislation.

Nomenclature of the program

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Civics and Ethical Studies

Future Plan

The department is currently plan to open three MA program in federalism and governance, peace and security and civic and ethics education in both regular, extension and summer program.  

Contact address

Alemu Shiferaw MA (Civic and History Department Head)

Tel: +251911380236

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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