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Department of Civics and Ethics

Background of the Department

The department of Civics and Ethics in our university was established in Adama University 10 years before in 2006/2007 with 5 academic staffs and 50 regular students. In the same year, the department started its undergraduate extension program with 100 students. At present the department of civic and ethics is situated at bokoji campus under the college of Social Science and Humanities since 2015 after it became under Arsi University.

Currently the department has one BA program in regular and summer. The department planned to design and implement the curriculum of three more MA programs in Federalism & Governance, Peace and Conflict & Civic and Ethical Education in this budget year, i.e., in 2016/17.

The Staff (Human Resource)

Our department has well-prepared and dedicated staffs striving to enlarge its services. By now it has 22 academic staffs. In terms of educational level, 95 % (21) staffs holds MA degree and 5 % (1) staff hold PhD degree. Currently, 27% (6) instructors are in study leave attending their third degrees. Seemore

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