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Department of Sociology And Social Work

Ethiopia as a country is now found in a fast track development process that requires highly qualified professionals with relevant skills, knowledge and attitude. In this regard, Universities are expected to exert efforts at expanding and intensifying educational opportunities for citizens, not only to enable them struggle to extricate themselves from poverty, but also to capacitate them to make active participation in the overall development of the country. The country is then doing this by making the education policy and the educational system fundamentally adaptable to the prevailing physical, social, and psycho- cultural environment of its societies.

Sociology is the scientific study of society. It is the knowledge base upon which social work is based. Sociology is the pure study of the science of human social relationships and social behaviour; social work is the application of these principles for practical purposes (to help people and to improve society). One would need much experience studying sociology to do social work.

RATIONALE OF THE PROGRAM                                                          

The undergraduate program in Sociology and Social Work has importance in meeting national development goals. It specifically contributes to the national programs, policies and plans in solving political, cultural, socio-economic and other developmental problems. The program also helps to understand social and cultural basis of social institutions, organizations and groups of diversified ways of life, thinking and practices. Such understanding in turn enables to effectively manage structural problems and to appreciate heterogeneity as well as to use opportunities induced by these situations. The joint degree in Sociology and Social Work equips students with strong general backgrounds to understand our diverse societies and to engage in problem solving processes. By doing so, the program has greater importance in producing generalist professionals in social service areas than a pure Sociology or Social Work program. The program is also a foundation for post graduate programs in Sociology, Social Work and Social Anthropology whereby specialty in specific areas is required. Moreover, the program is important to efficiently use instructors and research advisors from such different specialty areas which solve shortage of human power in each field particularly at advanced levels.


The departments of sociology and social work in Arsi Universityenvision to be among the leading East African department and one of the recognized department in the world in producing competent professionals by 2025 E.C.


The mission of departments of sociology and social work in Arsi University is to produce competent graduates, problem solving research outputs and provide need driven community services through practical teaching, innovation and outreach services to the sustainable development of the country.


Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Social Work is a composite degree of the disciplines of Sociology and Social Work. The undergraduate study of the program of Sociology and Social Work has the theoretical specialty of the discipline Sociology and the profession of Social Work that is highly gears towards the practice of social service administration, social welfare and policy managements, and community based practices.



The degree graduates of this program can be called “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Social Work” The Amharic version of this shall read as “የአርትባችለርአርትዲግሪበሶሲዮሎጂእናሶሻል

Academic Staff Profile

Department has qualified and experienced staff specialized in various disciplines. The majorities of the staff members are very much dedicated for institutional development and well equipped with knowledge and skills in their respective disciplines. Majority of the academic staff have rich experience in teaching in various universities. Currently there are one Assistance Professor Ph.D holders in social work and 17 Lecturer rank academic staffs in our department. Among this figures a total staff 5 (28%) are on study leave.

Sociology and Social Work Department Instructors Profile (On Duty)


No Instructors Name Rank Qualification Specialization Field Research Interest
1 Bisrat Tekle W/Aregai Lecturer MA Sociology
2 Amare Bayissa Hundessa Lecturer MA Social Work
3 Aleme Ashine Desta Lecturer MA Social Work
4 Fikadu Ashenafi Deyas Lecturer MA Social Work
4 Ephereme Mebrate Lecturer MA Sociology
6 Solomon Tefera Kassa Lecturer MA Social Work
7 Dinberu Abera Lecturer MA Sociology
8 Uthman Hassen Ahmed Lecturer MA Social Work
9 Husien Seid Hassen Lecturer MA Social Work
10 Megersa Tolera Abdi Lecturer MA Development
11 Chaltu Marara Lecturer MA Sociology
12 Dr.Joseph Anthony Assistant   Prof PhD Social Work



Sociology and Social Work Department Instructors Profile (On Duty)



No Instructors Name Ac. Level Rank Field of Specialization Level of current study Place of study Started year of study   Study completion year Remark
1 Getachew Godana MA Lecturer Anthropology   PhD AAU 2004 E.C 2008 E.C
2 Yehya Abdruhaman MA Lecturer Sociology PhD Turkey 2005 E.C 2009 E.C
3 Biruk Befkadu Zawude MSW Lecturer Social Work PhD AAU 2008E.C 2012 E.C
4 Dereje Bekele Gemechu MA Lecturer Sociology PhD AAU 2009 E.C 2013 E.C
5 Mesafint Adal Tadesse MA Lecturer Sociology PhD AAU 2009 E.C 2013 E.C
6 Bisrat Tekle MA Lecturer Sociology PhD India 2009 E.C 2013 E.C


Students’ profile

Our department is currently, three batch UG students. It has total of 91 undergraduate students are following their study in 2015- 2017.


The department is working with the below listed Stakeholders on those soc


S.No Organization Remark
1 Christian Horizon
2 Red Cross Society of Ethiopia
3 Arsi Zone Criminal Correction & Rehabilitation Institution
4 Arsi Zone Court
5 Arsi Zone Labour & Social Affairs
6 Arsi Zone Woman & Children Office
7 Plan International Ethiopia
8 World Food Program
9 Family Guidance Association Of Ethiopia, Adama Area
10 Deberzit Meseret Kirstos Yehetsante Lemate Project
11 Ethiopian Society of Sociologist, Social Worker and Anthropologist{ ESSSWA}

Future Plan

Our department has plan to open BA in Gender and Development Studies 2017/18 academic year and MA in Sociology in 2018.

In addition to this the department has envision to offer community services on various socio-cultural issues.

Our Partners