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Department of Geography and Environmental Studies/GeES

Overview of the program

Geography is a science that deals with the distribution and arrangement of all elements of the earth's surface or literally it is the spatial variation of phenomena on the surface of the earth on one hand and the relationship between them and human being to its environment. The word geography was adopted in the 200s bc by the Greek scholar Eratosthenes which means “earth description.” Currently, Geographic study encompasses the environment of the earth's surface and the relationship of humans to this environment, which includes both physical and cultural geographic features. Physical geographic features include the climate, land, water, plant and animal life. Cultural geographic features include artificial entities, such as nations or people, settlements, economy, transportation, tourism, buildings, and other modifications of the environment.

The Degree Programs in Geography and Environmental Studies in Arsi University in both the undergraduate and the post graduate programs are well established to produce qualified and competent graduates who are responsible professionals that can participate in various endeavors in the society.

Being the nature of the discipline the contribution of this program is for several sectors such as office of environmental conservation and protection, tourism and development, land management & administration, urban planning, population and socioeconomic development, transport network analysis, maping agencies, research institutions, education sectors, governmental & non-governmental organizations, private sectors, and the like in need.

The BA Degree program for first degree students and MA Degree for the Post graduate studies in four different specializations namely 1, MA in GeES specialization in land resource management 2, MA in GeES specialization in population and socioeconomic development 3, MA in GeES specialization in Environmental disaster risk management/EDRM and 4, MA in GeES for preparatory and higher institution teachers all have reviewed curriculum mainly based on the national research based justifications and locally stakeholders’ and employers’ interests based feedbacks.

The courses contents are not only theoretical abstracts but also practical concretes that should be learned by practical teaching and learning approaches which is supported with field observation and lab practices around the learners’ class rooms. More specifically, the approach includes data collection, data analysis, data presentation and conclusions for solving environmental problems at different scales in the project works of the learners. This supports the learners to be rational minds, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and researchers equipped with map processing and GIS experts in their projects.

Learning geography with full interests and personal efforts makes individuals knowledgeable learners, conceptual experts and environmental friendly problem solver persons that fit to this world whom the earth needs in the ongoing 21st century. Therefore, the programs in the Arsi university by the name Geography and Environmental studies facilitates ways for people having scientific concepts about environment and converts to human benefits with being environmental friendly approaches with giving emphasis for resource conservation in ensuring the sustainable development of the human society.

Degree nomenclature

Students completing the graduate program of the Department of Geography and Environmental

Studies will be awarded: “Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies” in its Amharic version “የባችለርአርትዲግሪበጂኦግራፊናአካባቢጥናት

                                   Statistic of Geography and Environmental Studies Department Students


No. Program Admission Year M F T
1 Undergraduate Regular 1-3 106 36 142
CDE 2nd Summer 84 20 104
Sub Total   190 56 246
2 Postgraduate Regular 2nd 14 2 16
CDE 2nd-4th 130 13 143
Sub Total   144 15 159
  All programs     334 71 405


Statistic of Geography and Environmental Studies Dep’t Staff, on Duty & study leave



Academic rank On duty On Study Leave Remark
M F Total M F Total  
PHD 2 - 2 - - -  
MA 5 1 6 4 - 4  
MSc 1 - 1 - - -  
BSc 1 - 1 - - -  
Sub-Total 9 1 10 4 - 4  
Total 14  

Contact Address:

Temesgen Abraham (MSc), Head of the Department

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell Phone: +251912217842

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