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Department of  English

The importance of English Language is unquestionable given that the language is among the few languages used internationally (become global language) as a medium of communication and all forms of interaction (economic, political, etc) between nations across countries and continents. Its teaching at undergraduate level in countries like Ethiopia becomes inevitable to produce citizens capable of working at global level to aid the development of the country in every affair. Providing training in English Language and Literature at undergraduate level in Universities like Arsi University, which aspires to become premier in the country, respected in Africa and renown in the world, is also an indubitable issue as it aids in achieving its mission. The Department of English Language and Literature in Arsi University works towards achieving the mission of the country at large and university in particular by producing qualified individuals with the required competence. This curriculum includes the modules and courses designed to provide competence based training. It is believed that students should have adequate training and practice in the subject matter to thrive in the modern employment market. Among others, students should know about how human language functions. They also need to know about the principles that guide the scientific study of language. In addition, they need to practice different levels of writing, reading, listening, and speaking in English. The curriculum is designed focusing on the competencies the graduates need to attain by integrating English Language knowledge and skills, and aspires to effectively prepare professionals for diverse job opportunities in the areas where the country needs skilled professionals. There is a great need for English Language specialists in various areas such as public relations, communications, interpretations, etc.

English Department is one of the five departments of College of Social Sciences and Humanities it is found at Bokoji town which is found under Arsi University. The Department is offering Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature and Master in TEFL.


Professional Profile

The program aspires to produce graduates who can give professional services to governmental and non-governmental organizations, private companies and different institutions in:

    •      public relations
    •      writing various reports (brochures, annual reports, magazines ,etc);
    •      translations;
    •      editing;
    •      media reporting;
    •      researching and reporting, and Preparing memos, minutes and business communication.
    •      Creating literary works.

Graduate Profile

On completion of the program, graduates would have the following competences and can:

    •    use English with high level of accuracy and fluency in (listening, speaking, reading, and writing);
    •    make critical analysis of English language texts and discourse;
    •    prepare seminars, forums and facilitate discussions and meetings in English;
    •    use appropriate English for business communications (writing memos, letters, minutes, reports, presentations, notices etc.);
    •   Interpret discourses and translate from and into the English language;
    •   write, edit, and review various texts;
    •   conduct a professional and critical analysis of literary works;
    •   conduct research;
    •   Facilitate and run public relations.

Core Competency Areas

    •         Listening effectively and speaking fluently.
    •        Reading and writing fluently and accurately.
    •        Analyzing language.
    •        Managing communications.
    •        Linking organizations with the public.
    •       Writing and analyzing literary works.
    •         Interpreting discourse and translating to and from English.
    •         Surveying, analyzing and critiquing literary discourse.
    •        Editing, reporting, and analyzing media discourse.
    •        Conducting and reporting research.

Duration of the Study

Successful completion of the program would require three years of study or six semesters Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature and two years for regular MA in TEFL and four years four summers MA in TEFL.

Human Resource

Currently, English Language and Literature at Arsi University has a total of over 34 staff, 17 on duty and 17 on study live.

Contact Address

Mekonnen Gemechu,

English Department Head

Mobile: 0911394634

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