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Department of Afan Oromo                                                                               

Overview of the Afan Oromo Department

The overall development of a language is determined by a context in which it is used. For instance, languages like Afan Oromo and French have developed and they have rich literature because of political, economic and socio-cultural reasons they are used in. In this connection, both languages are widely spoken and used even as official languages in many countries of the world.

To ensure the issue mentioned above, it was a general agenda of a great deal of ethno-linguistics communities in the world especially after the post-independence.   In many countries, questions related to language rights have become increasingly prominent and are often raised in the context of more general human rights. Linguists have become involved in this area via diverse pathways; e.g., maintaining endangered languages, language preservation and revitalization; language planning; forensic linguistics; bilingual education and other school-centered language issues; action research with urban linguistic minorities; work with indigenous peoples, including land claims; refugee and asylum issues, and more.

Currently, Afan Oromo Department is one of the five departments of College of Social Sciences and Humanities it is found at Bokoji town which is found under Arsi University. See more

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